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CSUN Mobile App - Enroll in Classes


You can use the CSUN Mobile App to enroll in classes in two ways:   

  • Download the free app called CSUN 
  • Use the web version on a tablet at  

This guide explains how to register for co-requisite classes, use a permission number and wait list for closed classes on the CSUN App.

New to CSUN’s registration system? Find more step-by-step instructions in the How To Guides.


1.  Select Enroll in Classes.

 CSUN app menu.

2.  The first sign-in page displays. Select “Sign in to module…” and then enter your CSUN user ID and password.

When sign-in is verified (not shown), select the “Enroll in Classes” icon. 

App log in page.

3.  The Enroll in Classes page displays.

Tip: To navigate back to this page at any time, tap the “enroll” icon.

If two terms are available to register, select the desired term—Fall 2015 in this example. 

Enroll in Classes page displays.

4.  The Fall Semester 2015 Enroll page displays.

To change terms, use the triangle button in the banner.

You can search for classes using two options:

  • Browse schedule: View the Subjects A to Z index.
  • Add by class number: Quickly find a class section by entering its 5-digit number in the box. This shortcut bypasses the course description, so use it only if you have already read the course requirements.

Select Browse schedule. 

Browse class schedule.

5.  The “Browse Subjects” A to Z index displays. Choose the first letter of the desired subject from the list, for example, “B” for Biology.

When the “B” subjects list opens, select BIOL: Biology.  A list of all Biology courses will display.

Select the desired course, for example, BIOL 101: General Biology and Lab.

A to Z course list displays.

6. The “BIOL 101 - General Biology and Lab (3/1)” course description displays.

Always read this page for general enrollment requirements.  The lecture class BIOL 101 requires concurrent enrollment in a lab, BIOL 101L. You'll need to add both classes to your cart before submitting the cart.

If the course is available for enrollment in multiple terms, more than one term will display. Select the desired term. 

Course description detail.

7.  The class sections (BIOL101-01, BIOL101-02, etc.) display. Scroll through the list to find one that fits your schedule. Tap “More Information” to view important details.

A list of available class sections display.

8.  The “Class Detail” page shows course requisites, class notes, available and waitlisted seats, consent (permission), instructor, location, meeting dates/times, textbook information and more.

Read class notes for special instructions! BIOL 101 requires concurrent enrollment in any section of BIOL 101L. Add both classes to your cart before you finish enrolling.

To put the BIOL 101-02 lecture in your cart, return to the BIOL 101 sections list by selecting the “Fall Semester 2015” breadcrumb near the page top.  

Class section details.

9.  Back in the class section list, select "Add this class" to advance.

Add class to your schedule.

10.  The Select Enrollment Options displays. Here you can:

  • Check the "Wait list if the class is full" box
  • Enter a permission number if required
  • Choose grading option: Graded or Credit/No Credit. Before selecting CR/NC, consult your academic advisor and review the Credit/No Credit Grading Policy.

Choose Next to place the class in your cart.

Select enrollment options.

11.  A message confirms that the BIOL 101 lecture, section 02, class number 17006, is in your cart. You are not yet enrolled! You still need to add the co-requisite lab, BIOL 101L, to your cart and submit the two classes together.

To select the desired lab section, use Browse schedule or Add by class number:

  • Browse schedule: Repeat Steps 5-11 above.
  • Add by class number: If you already know the lab's 5-digit class number, enter it into the box and select Add.

Confirm class section in cart.

12.  The Enroll page confirms that the lab BIOL 101L-01, Class Number 16031, was added to your cart. Now that the cart contains both co-requisite courses, you can finish enrolling.

Select Submit Cart. 

Submit contents of cart.

13.  The Statement of Financial Responsibility displays. Carefully review the policies and payment deadlines (not shown).

To continue, select Accept and Register. 

Statement of financial responsibility.

14.  The CSUN app will confirm success for your enrollment request or report an error.  

  • If an error message displays, it will identify the problem (corequisite course missing, schedule conflict, permission number fault, etc.). In this example a registration hold prevents enrollment until it is resolved.

Select UPDATE CART to keep the classes in your cart and return later to add them when you’ve cleared the hold. If an error persists, contact the instructor, the department offering the class, or Admissions & Records for help.

  • Success! The checkmarks verify that you are enrolled in BIOL 101 and BIOL 101L.

To check your schedule, select View Classes.

Registration results display.

15.  Your Fall 2015 registered and waitlisted classes display.

  • To drop a class, select the Drop Classes button.*
  • To add more classes, select Register for Classes.
  • To swap a class, select the course you wish to swap out of, for example, Japanese 101.

*You cannot drop just one course of a corequisite pair like BIOL 101 and 101L.

View class schedule.

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Contact the IT Help Center:

  • By phone - (818) 677-1400
  • In person at the Learning Commons, Delmar T. Oviatt Library, first floor
  • Online – Chat or submit a request for assistance

At any time, you can select the “sandwich” graphic (upper right corner), scroll down to the “keys” icon, and tap to sign out. Always log out!

Exit the App or choose another feature.