Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services



    Learn how to assist and train users of assistive technologies and ensure compliance with ADA regulations.

    Why study Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services?

    With more than 4,000 developing technologies that enable persons with disabilities to live more productive, independent and fulfilling lives, this academic discipline has emerged to provide human services professionals with a variety of skills and theoretical knowledge to ensure that assistive technology (AT) users are able to access and benefit fully from advances in the field.
    Physical disabilities affect every sector of the population – school-age children, young adults, seniors, veterans and more. In addition, because lifespans are lengthening, and disability often accompanies increasing age, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts substantial long-term growth in all health-service sectors, including the areas of assistive, adaptive and access technologies.

    By earning this degree, you can begin a career focused on helping assistive technology users; ensuring compliance with regulations, such as ADA; and creating a more equitable environment for all.

    Why study Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services at CSUN?

    Internationally recognized for its expertise in disability services, CSUN created its online Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services (ATHS) program to meet the growing demand for skilled AT specialists, who can assess, assist, train, and empower those using assistive technology in their daily lives. As the first master’s degree of its kind in Southern California, CSUN’s ATHS program prepares students to synthesize the interconnections between human and technological factors, explain and interpret product design and function, assess AT users’ needs, interpret the legal and political history of assistive technology, and develop relevant delivery protocols.
    Offered in collaboration with CSUN’s College of Health and Human Development, this two-year, online, 10-course program prepares working professionals for rewarding careers that enhance the lives of those who rely on assistive-technology devices.

    This program is offered through self-support. Visit Tseng College for more information.

    What You'll Learn

    Alongside other professionals, you’ll learn how to:

    • Assess, equip and train persons with disabilities to use assistive technologies
    • Ensure compliance with regulations, such as ADA
    • Conduct important research into new and emerging technologies


    Careers & Outcomes

    Taught by prominent experts in their respective disciplines, CSUN’s ATHS program provides an essential knowledge base for career development in the rapidly growing AT and human services field.
    In addition to the countless CSUN graduates who work as independent consultants throughout the assistive technology field, employers of CSUN alumni include the following organizations:

    • Kaiser Permanente
    • U.S. Air Force
    • Providence Health & Services
    • State Farm
    • County of Los Angeles Public Health
    • Prolacta Bioscience
    • Hearing Loss Association of America
    • Sutter Health
    • Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

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