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Instructionally Related Activities Annual Funding Request

2016-2017 Academic Year

Once you begin this online application, you will not be able to stop, save or return to the form. Once begun, the online application must be completed and submitted. Therefore we are providing you with a pdf worksheet of the application that you may wish to complete prior to beginning the online application. 

The goal of the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) program is to provide student fee funding for out-of-class experiences for students participating in an academic program, discipline, or department where those experiences are integrally related to one of its instructional courses.  Such activities are deemed essential for providing a quality educational program and constitute a vital and/or enhanced instructional experience for students.

The following application form is designed to assist you in communicating to the CSUN IRA Advisory Board the full nature of your program, so that the Board can recommend the greatest possible allocation appropriate to your circumstances, given the availability of the student fee funding.

To complete this form you will need the following:

  • 2014-15 and 2015-16 course number, course name and enrollment for the courses which your activity supports
  • Current (if any) and future (anticipated) costs and all amounts and sources of funding
  • The approval of your department chair and dean

If at any time, you require assistance with this form or the information it seeks, please review the IRA Operating Guidelines or contact the IRA Board secretary David Crandall at  or the campus president’s representative Diane Stephens at

If you have completed the IRA Worksheet, you are ready to complete and submit your on-line IRA application.