• ACRP meeting

Academic Resources Council

Barrett, Richard
Manager of Academic Resources
Engineering and Computer Science34352140richard.barrett@csun.edu8295
Clary, Laura
Manager of Academic Resources
Oviatt Library22054934laura.clary@csun.edu8326
Crocker, Cathy
Assistant Director of Admissions and Records
Admissions and Records60697676cathy.crocker@csun.edu8207
Fager, Cathleen
Manager of Academic Resources
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics28316324cathleen.fager@csun.edu8245
Hunter, Nashima
Senior Budget Analyst
Academic Resources and Planning45454933nashima.hunter@csun.edu8201
Juarez, Callie
Manager of Academic Resources
Michael D. Eisner College of Education49674000callie.juarez@csun.edu8265

Noblejas, Linda
Recording Secretary

Academic Resources and Planning49604933linda.v.noblejas@csun.edu8201
Papazyan, Natali
Manager of Academic Resources
Mike Curb College of Arts Media and Communication22482345natali.papazyan@csun.edu8236
Porter, Jean
Budget Analyst
Academic Resources and Planning45564933jean.porter@csun.edu8201
Quillian, Benjamin
Associate Vice President of Information Technology
Information Technology55174770benjamin.quillian@csun.edu8280
Simon, Pamela
Manager of Academic Resources
Social & Behavioral Sciences23783480 8256
Stephens, Diane
Associate Vice President for Academic Resources and Planning
Academic Resources and Planning59294933diane.stephens@csun.edu8201
Wigfall, Renate
Manager of Academic Resources
Health & Human Development30034024renate.wigfall@csun.edu8215
Wu, Lih H.
Director, Financial Management and Human Resources
Tseng College of Extended Learning26435088lihyun.wu@csun.edu8218