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Academic Resources Council


Azouz, Magda
Director of Finance and Operations
Engineering and Computer Science34352140magda.azouz@csun.edu8295
Skeggs, Jamie
Director of Library Administrative Operations
Fager, Cathleen
Director of Finance and Operations
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics28316324cathleen.fager@csun.edu8245
Nyby, Matthew
Senior Resource Analyst
Academic Resources and Planning50414933 matthew.nyby@csun.edu8201
Juarez, Callie
Senior Director for Academic Resources and Planning
Academic Resources and Planning51324933callie.juarez@csun.edu8201
Cronin, Krystle
Recording Secretary
Academic Resources and Planning49604933krystle.cronin@csun.edu8201
Papazyan, Natali
Director of Finance and Operations
Mike Curb College of Arts Media and Communication22482345natali.papazyan@csun.edu8236
Porter, Jean
Senior Budget Analyst
Academic Resources and Planning45564933jean.porter@csun.edu8201
Gabrelian, Serinah
Director of Finance and Operations
Social & Behavioral Sciences23783480serinah.gabrelian@csun.edu8256
White, Janene
Director of Finance and Operations
Humanities2198 janene.white@csun.edu8252
Moreno, Fred
Director of Finance and Operations
Michael D. Eisner College of Education49674000alfred.moreno@csun.edu8265
Leung, David
Executive Director of Business Operations & Finance
Tseng College of Extended Learning26435088david.leung@csun.edu8218
Chavez, Thomas
Director of Finance and Operations
Science and Mathematics66952044thomas.chavez@csun.edu8238
Philip, Ranjit
Information Technology71713241ranjit.philip@csun.edu8280
Oberson, Todd
Director of Finance and Operations
Health and Human Development3001 todd.oberson@csun.edu8215
Morales, Elva Popoca
Director of Operations and Fiscal Officer
Global HSI Equity Innovation Hub 4387 elva.popoca@csun.edu8230

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