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This table has been created to help ensure that particular labels remain consistent across all websites. Furthermore, URLs that are commonly associated with these labels should also remain consistent, and are listed below for your convenience.


  • If a page links to another page within the website, it should open in the same window. 
  • If a page links to a page outside the website, it should open in a new window (Web-One uses one template. Opening a new window signals a change to a different site.)
  • If a page links to a document, a form, or a login screen, it should open in a new window.

Standard Content Labels

"HOME" page


Content LabelsDescription


Contact section should always be in the upper left corner of the page, and follows with:

Name of Office

Location (Building name and Office number)


Phone: (area code) xxx-xxxx

Email: email address

Contact name


"Students" page

Content LabelsDescription
 Degree Planning Guides
STAR Act Planning Guides

University Catalog<dept code>/overview/

Example, Biology: 

Schedule of Classes

Student Services Center/EOP

EOP Satellite Office in the College


CSUN EOP URL should be included in every EOP Satellite Office web site

"Faculty & Research" page

Content LabelsDescription
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Include the Office of Research and Graduate Studies URL on your website:

    a. On your research web page

    b. If you don’t have a research web page, then on the landing page of “Faculty & Research” (top college navigation link)


"Faculty & Staff" page

Content LabelsDescription

People Type

  • Full Time
  • Lecturer
  • Staff
  • Teaching Associates
  • Emeritus

"Lecturer" instead of "Part-Time" Faculty

"Alumni & Giving" page