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Road Map to the Future: Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2022, 10:30 am – Noon

 Attendee Steering Committee Members: 

David Dufault-Hunter, Melisa Galván, Jonathan Hay, Crist Khachikian, Gigi McGuire, Elena Miranda, Barrett Morris, Mario Ontiveros, Kaitlyn Orozco, Yazmin Peebles, Amanda Quintero, Kiana Requena, Diane Stephens, Michael Tejax, Nate Thomas, Mary Beth Walker (Chair), Jason Wang

Staff to Committee:  Hazel Kochocki, Bonnie Paller

      I.         Call to Order: 10:36am

    II.         Approval of Minutes of February 9, 2022 Meeting: approved

  III.         Welcome/Goals for Meeting

What has worked well?

Expressing appreciation for participation in your meetings is important.

Assurance of accountability to participants: how do we know that this will make a difference? There will be measures and markers in place.

IV. Outcomes and Feedback from Focused Conversations To-Date

Three consistent themes:

  • there are obstacles which are put on students in their efforts to enroll, we need to remove impediments;
  • student advisement needs to be improved so that students are not wasting time;
  • faculty and staff need to be better versed in available resources for students.

Participants in meetings have been engaged and positive.

Only 20% of town hall registrants attended in person on Monday for Subgroup 5.  There was positive engagement with a small group. Some thoughts expressed by the group include:

  • There is no front door to the campus, either physically or virtually. The campus is not easy to navigate. Need a welcome center.
  • Strengths with our connections with community           

Discussion from members about challenges and opportunities included:

Faculty group needs to know that they need to work on fixing problems, when we get to that point in the project. We need to remove barriers to interdisciplinarity and collaboration. There is a blast email problem. Randomized list of students sent to tomorrow’s subgroup 2 session; hope to get more participants.

  • Many groups are finding that student engagement is hard to get. Student involvement may be pursued by going out to students and personally inviting them.

    V.         Subgroup Meetings (50 minutes)

  VI.         Takeaways/Action Items/Preparation for Next Meeting (Walker)         

Regarding Google forms and Qualtrics

Provide Bonnie and Hazel with google forms for editing.

  • Need surveys to have consistency in the introduction and framing. equity lens language. Amanda can provide information.
  • Working definitions and frequently used terms should be available through a link.
  • Make sure user experience is logical and user can go back.
  • Consider particular demographics. Consider adding information about where the voices are coming from. See Subgroup 1 survey for ideas.

Next steps:

  • Make sure your group has common demographics categories and common language.
  • Qualtrics changes to be reviewed by Bonnie and Hazel
  • Google forms cannot be changed by Bonnie and Hazel if you can provide the information
  • Bonnie and Hazel will take the first stab at organizing feedback.
  • Surveys may need to be shut down by a certain date, such as March 10, then the information can be analyzed. Alternatively, surveys may be kept open and we use an agreed-upon capture date for our synthesis phase.                                                                                                               

Adjournment: 12:10 pm