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The students at META+LAB develop web applications, web sites, and other products that support and promote IT business functions for the University and external clients. Faculty and staff serve as their mentors, project managers, and code reviewers. For a complete list of our projects, visit our website. Some notable projects include:


Client: CSU Chancellor's Office

A mobile-responsive web application that displays earnings data for students who departed CSUN. The data collected reflects one decade of earnings for 95,000 students who exited CSUN with or without a degree.


Client: CSUN Provost's Office

The Faculty Application is a place where CSUN faculty have a personalized web page with their Profile (bio, photo, education, class schedules, office hours) information, and where they can connect with other faculty to collaborate on research. It is also a place where faculty are featured via Stories to connect them with the students and the community. You can visit the app here:


Client: CSUN Research & Graduate Studies

Faculty Scholarship (code-name HELIX) is the Research & Expertise component of the CSUN Faculty App. It is a CSUN Research & Graduate Studies Project funded by the NIH Common Fund through the Office of Strategic Coordination. HELIX stands for Helping Everyone Link Interests and Expertise. It serves as a tool for CSUN faculty members to search and collaborate on interdisciplinary research, showcase projects, list expertise, and share resources with fellow faculty. You can visit the app here: