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Our Story

META+LAB was created in November 2014 as a result of a formal reorganization of several existing entities. The leadership vision was to create an interdisciplinary environment in which students can explore, learn, and go beyond current thinking to new possibilities. A fundamental purpose of META+LAB is to promote student employability, through real-world problem solving, beyond their time with the University.

The Lab is a student-run, staff-and-faculty supported organization, in which students hone their professional skills to ensure they are job-ready upon graduation. Emphasis is placed on collaboration, team-based interaction that prepares them to work in our dynamic and diverse workforce.

The specific pursuit is the development of web applications. Within this undertaking, and with the assistance of CSUN Faculty, recent CSUN graduates, and META+LAB professional staff, students meet with clients to determine their requirements, devise a plan to create a solution, then build an application that meets these requirements. The application development process supports activities specific to the Academic Affairs Division, the University at large, and beyond.

Throughout the process, students take a leadership role, supported by faculty mentors and staff. Students are encouraged to explore new techniques, technologies, and approaches in solving client needs. Since we work within an interdisciplinary environment, students are further encouraged to integrate other discipline's techniques into their own discipline.