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Students who are part of META+LAB are expected to be able to demonstrate the following Learning Outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of conceptual development, user experience design, user interface design and software development to produce web-based applications.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that allow them to collaborate and thrive in an interdisciplinary team-oriented work environment.
  • Broaden the ability to effectively communicate and produce projects through agile development methodology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various design software and programming languages.
  • Develop a career path for a profession in a related field and develop an understanding of the demands and expectations to achieve this.

To achieve this, META+LAB has several programs aimed at student success from High School to CSUN graduation. Detailed information for each program is listed below.

For information on how to participate in these programs, please go to the Admissions tab.

Download information flyer here.


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In partnership with local CSUN feeder high-schools, META+Lab students and staff are shadowed during the academic year by high school juniors and seniors who are interested in a career in web development.

Students can job shadow for a maximum of eight hours within a period of two weeks.

During the summer, a learning internship is offered to exceptional students who have participated in the Job Shadow Program or a META+LAB led workshop at a local high school.


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The Pathfinder Program is a collection of workshops that introduce students to front- and back-end development and operations/infrastructure. Taught bi-weekly by dedicated industry professionals, this program will prepare you to join META+LAB and can help you become job-ready. Students who are seeking to gain admission to META+LAB as Explorers must complete the Pathfinder Program first.

The program begins in the Fall semester and ends at the conclusion of the Spring semester. The materials covered are aimed at giving participants a solid foundation to pursue a career in the web development field.

The program is a partnership between YOU and META+LAB. You will receive materials to study independently prior to each workshop. Your level of preparedness and participation will strongly determine how well you will be prepared for a job in the web development industry.

The Fall 2017 materials for all tracks (back-end, front-end, and Infrastructure) can be accessed HERE.


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This two-week full immersion program is available to CSUN students. The Pathfinder Program is a pre-requisite to enroll as all of the materials covered in the Pathfinder Program are the foundation for the subjects covered during the Immersive. Enrollment in the Immersive Program is automatic if you have participated in the Pathfinder Program. If you do not meet this requirement but would like to participate, please contact . Enrollment by non-Pathfinders will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



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 Joining META+LAB as an Explorer is by invitation only. The Explorer position is for a current CSUN student to train at META+LAB, without pay, in order to gain work experience, knowledge, and skills required to become a Creator. Explorers join as front-end, back-end, operations, or marketing team members. The Explorer program was created for highly motivated students to begin working within interdisciplinary META+LAB teams on projects while developing skills in their respective disciplines. The program lasts between 1-3 months, based on the student’s commitment and level of progress. Explorers are assigned to a sustainability team, where the work involves quality assurance for existing applications developed at META+LAB.

Students may be invited to join the Explorer Program during the academic year or during the summer. During the academic year students are required to commit 8 to 10 hours per week. Students are welcome to commit more. During the summer, students are required to commit 15 hours per week. Students are welcome to commit more. Our goal is to provide as much time as possible for learning.

Academic Credit - This is a non-paid learning internship. Some majors allow students to do an academic internship for credit. Check with your department if this is available and we will do our best to align your learning at META+LAB with your department's internship requirements.


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Upon successful completion of the Explorer phase and upon recommendation by a Staff Mentor or a Program Co-Director, students get hired as Student Assistants and get hourly wages as compensation. This is the period where students learn and are expected to exercise work ethics and best practices like any other software development job. They are given greater responsibilities, they often lead teams, they learn to develop project roadmaps and project estimates. They are expected to deliver work on time and work in a team environment. This is the core of the program and this is the phase that gets them job ready.


Graduation Cap


Students who have graduated from the university and have completed a minimum of one year as Creators at META+Lab may be invited to apply to become a Catalyst.  A Catalyst is a intended to be a temporary, transitional position with emphasis on mentoring new META+LAB participants.

Catalysts take on leadership and mentorship roles within the lab, assuming responsibility for the vision and direction of projects.


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The Pilot Program is a collaboration with the Department of Research and Graduate studies. It is designed to provide guidance and expertise during the exploration/research stages of a potential web application project of a faculty member or graduate student.

Resources and Curriculum Roadmap

For lab resources, visit our META+LAB GitHub Awesome site here.

Want to know what skills you need to be invited to join META+LAB as an Explorer? Click on the Roadmap below to access the complete curriculum for the Front-End, Back-End, and Operations tracks.