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What is META+LINK?

META+LINK is a new professional network and community that strives to connect, develop and increase economic opportunity of CSUN alumni and students under the umbrella of technology and innovation. We are upheld by META+LAB and an ecosystem of local and campus organizations, and ultimately intend to provide a life-long professional support system for our members.

META+LINK is a free service that intends to provide you with a unique opportunity to grow your professional network, while making it easier to give back to the campus community.

META+LINK Offers Four Services for Alumni Members

Work With Us

At META+LAB, we specialize in developing web applications and tech solutions. Our student creators are innovative and driven to solve problems through technology. Respectively, products that we create intend to push web development, data and design standards.

If you are CSUN alumni with an idea for a web application or other technological solution, we encourage you to submit your proposal to us. META+LAB is a trusted resource in the local and technical community, and we offer an honest approach to web development with a free up front financial evaluation.

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Our Network

Members of the META+LINK network will be granted exclusive access to:

  • Pertinent news and information
  • Events and Activities
  • Educational and Career Development Resources
  • Like-minded Professional Connections
  • Career Opportunities in Technology and Innovation

Speak - Represent Your Firm

Alumni Guest Speakers

Whether you work in engineering, marketing/sales, design, research and development, finance, human resources, legal affairs, as an entrepreneur, or if you would like to tell your career story, we have an audience for you. As alumni guest speakers, we would encourage you to participate in one of our mini-seminars. Mini-seminars are generally conducted at on Friday afternoons. You may present on any topic of your choosing dealing with emerging technologies. Please contact us to schedule a mini-seminar presentation or if you would like to make arrangements for another time.
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Represent Your Firm
Share opportunities, represent your firm, and interact with highly talented, ambitious students working at META+LAB. We host Meetups on a monthly basis, and they are typically held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. A light meal is usually served before the presentation begins. Please contact us to schedule and/or host a Meetup or if you would like to make arrangements for another time.
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Corporate Tours

Provide our talented, driven students with an amazing opportunity to experience your firm first-hand, network with engineering, design and business leaders working in the technology industry, and access the skills and resources necessary to succeed professionally.


META+LINK offers three kinds of mentorship opportunities for participating members. The Pathfinder and Summer Immersive programs are free to enrolled CSUN students.


October - May

The Pathfinder Program is a two-semester META+LAB course that introduces students from all disciplines and majors to web development, preparing students to work at META+LAB and beyond. Pathfinder students choose a track in either Front-End Development, Back-End Development or Development Operations. As alumni mentors, you will have the opportunity to inspire prospective students and introduce relevant topics to students in the program in a group setting.
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Summer Immersive:


The Summer Immersive is a two-week accelerated bootcamp that reviews and builds upon topics covered in the Pathfinder Program, while testing students’ knowledge of front-end development, back-end development, or development operations. Alumni mentors will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, and interact with Immersive students in a group setting.
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META+LAB Student Creators:


META+LAB student creators develop pioneering technology products for various clients throughout the year. As alumni mentors, you will have the opportunity to select an eligible product in current development, and work with a respective team according to your area of expertise.


This program is available to CSUN alumni. If you are interested in joining META+LINK, please provide your information using our META+LINK Contact Form.