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Help Make CSUN Shine Bright Topic 8: Diversity

September 14, 2016

President Harrison has just announced the Fall 2016 topic for the Help Make CSUN Shine Bright initiative: Diversity. To read her email announcing the topic click here. The text to the full question is included below—click here to go to the webform and submit a response. The survey will be available through October 7, 2016. (Now closed to comments.)

Help Make CSUN Shine BrightThis semester we seek your input on a topic of importance to higher education – and to society in general: diversity. 

Strongly anchored in our shared commitment to access and opportunity, CSUN is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. Last year, to shine a light on the importance of diversity to the academy and learning, and on the potential of our student diversity to serve as a powerful catalyst for educational excellence, I announced the position of Chief Diversity Officer and the creation of a Commission on Diversity and Diversity Initiatives.

These efforts draw strength and energy from the campus community’s varied points of view. Please assist us to fully capitalize on this diversity to graduate Matadors known for possessing the leadership skills that are needed in an increasingly interconnected, culturally complex, global community.  

What are promising campus practices for using diversity to equip our students for 21st century success [e.g., enhancing critical thinking, creativity, and boundary-spanning leadership skills]? How can we create learning environments that take full advantage of CSUN’s unique diversity-related strengths? How we can better celebrate, support, and facilitate inclusivity and diversity?

All students, faculty and staff are invited to respond. Click here to submit your thoughts on the webform. (Webform now closed.)

A report on the responses will be posted on this website soon.