CSUN Shine

Topic 5: Student Success

September 30, 2014

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Of CSUN’s planning priorities, none is more critical than our unrelenting focus on student success. Student success encompasses not only academic excellence, but also student engagement in university life, retention, and persistence to graduation. To assist students in achieving success, the university strives to provide pertinent classes and to deliver an array of support programs and services.  
Students – help us to help you. Please give us your suggestions for how we can better support you in your academic careers. What services might help you toward a timely graduation?  How can we better communicate about the resources that are available on campus? How can the university improve processes or services to better facilitate your path to graduation, and make your CSUN years memorable and satisfying? We want to hear all ideas – small to big – addressing all issues – minor to substantive. Please share your experiences, your solutions, and your suggested strategies for making the CSUN experience the best it can be.
Faculty and staff – you interact with students in a multitude of ways and you each bring your unique perspective. Let us know about students who have come to you for help in dealing with challenges. How were you able to assist them? What are your suggestions for ensuring the best possible outcomes for CSUN students, and facilitating their progress to timely graduation?

NOTE: This item was closed to comments after October 17, 2014. A report on the results will be posted soon.