CSUN Shine

Topic 4 Results: Sustainability

May 7, 2014

Photo of CSUN campusA message to the campus community from President Harrison has just been released announcing that the summary of responses to Topic 4: Sustainability is now available

As a reminder, Topic 4 posed the following question to the campus community earlier this semester:

As green initiatives multiply, managing those efforts with limited resources becomes increasingly important. What efforts should take priority and what creative ideas do you have for making CSUN shine greener?

The thoughtful feedback received demonstrated a high level of interest and commitment to this issue. Your ideas and suggestions will help to further flesh out our initiatives and shape how we move forward. We’re pleased that you also shared many examples of projects underway affirming the numerous efforts towards a sustainable campus. Suggestions for improving campus sustainability not part of the plan will be considered for inclusion as next year’s action items are prioritized.