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Topic 2 Update: CSUN Pride, Spirit, and Reputation

May 7, 2014

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In spring 2013, the campus community responded to the question: “Using ‘CSUN Shine’ as a springboard, what can we do to grow pride and school spirit and further enhance the university’s reputation?” Results were summarized in this report.

Capitalizing on President Harrison’s leadership and strong support across the entire university, significant progress has been made to elevate CSUN’s reputation, visibility, spirit and pride. The central effort that stemmed from this topic, as well as the work of the Task Force on Engagement, is the current Reputation and Visibility Enhancement Initiative that launched this spring. In addition, the use of CSUN Shine continues to build a solid foundation to boost CSUN’s position with our external audiences and overall internal consistency in our communications.

To read an update on the overarching Reputation and Visibility Enhancement Initiative and the numerous activities relating to this topic, please read the following report:

Topic 2 Update: Enhancing CSUN Pride, Spirit and Reputation

Thank you for being a CSUN ambassador, increasing our pride, spirit and reputation.