CSUN Shine

Topic 2 Results: Enhancing CSUN Pride, Spirit, and Reputation

May 1, 2013

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Several weeks ago, a new topic on this forum was introduced:

The recently launched ‘CSUN Shine’ identity campaign is an exciting new vehicle for telling the CSUN story in a more compelling manner and to a larger audience. Using ‘CSUN Shine’ as a springboard, what can we do to grow pride and school spirit and further enhance the university’s reputation?

True to form, the CSUN community provided thoughtful and thought provoking input. An overview of the responses, organized into general areas, with some information on related university projects is included in the report, Enhancing CSUN Pride Spirit, and Reputation.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions and ideas. The comments received covered a broad array of subjects; every response has been reviewed and comments/suggestions have been shared with the appropriate administrators as food for thought and inspiration for future planning/programming. To a considerable extent, the input was a confirmation of projects planned or underway.