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About Help Make CSUN Shine Bright

We all share a desire to see CSUN be the best it can be.

With this in mind, CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison launched Help Make CSUN Shine Bright to tap into the creativity and ideas of our most valuable resource — the students, faculty, and staff of Cal State Northridge.

Every few weeks or months, a new topic or issue that can benefit from the innovative ideas and solutions of the campus community will be posted at this website. Everyone is invited to contribute and participate.

This is an invitation to innovate, so all constructive and positive solution-based responses are encouraged and welcome! Please consider criteria such as quality, effectiveness, cost efficiency, user-friendliness, and sustainability when offering solutions to make CSUN shine bright. All submissions will be read and considered.

Help Make CSUN Shine Bright Team

Rick Evans, Executive Director, The University Corporation
Jill Smith, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Randy Reynaldo, Director, Administrative Operations, President’s Office
Georg Jahn, Director Sponsored Programs & Real Estate, The University Corporation
Elizabeth Kioussis, Executive Assistant, The University Corporation

All comments and contributions to Help Make CSUN Shine Bright will be reviewed and given serious consideration. Please note that the anticipated number of submissions make individual responses prohibitive.

Individuals submitting comments or ideas that are selected for inclusion on this website will be contacted for permission to include their name and department. Some comments may also be posted without attribution. The team may also edit and summarize comments for inclusion on the website.