Mechanical Engineering

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Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Advisement Schedule

Academic Advisement Schedule

Student Status
Advisement Assignment
  • Freshman Standing
    • 30 units or less
The Matador Advising Hub
  • Sophomore Standing
    • 30 units+
    • 100 level coursework completed or in progress
CECS Student Services Center
  • Junior and Senior Standing
    • 100 and 200 level coursework completed or in progress

Advising for the Mechanical Engineering major is done on an annual basis, with "major" advisement holds being placed in Fall semesters. However, you may have additional advising holds if you are involved in extra programs within in the College.

If you have an advisement hold during Spring, please refer to the matrix below for your advisement options. 

*Advisors are determined by the last number of your CSUN Student ID Number. Please contact advisors directly, with the exception of Dr. Johari, who you can schedule with by calling the ME office.

0-1: Hamid Johari (contact the ME Department to schedule an appointment)
2 - Nhut Ho
3 - Shadi Mahjoob
4 - Vidya Nandikolla
5 - Abhijit Mukherjee
6 - Aram Khachatourians
7 - Peter Bishay
8 - Stewart Prince
9 - Christoph Schaal


  • Students on academic Probation
  • Disqualified Students

Dr. Hamid Johari - Contact the ME Department Office to schedule an appointment

  • Students Enrolled in Senior Design

Students enrolled in Senior Design classes (AE or ME 486A/486B) may seek advisement directly from their faculty advisor.

  • Graduate Students
  • 2nd Bachelor Students

Abhijit Mukherjee - Graduate Coordinator

This procedure applies only to students in the Mechanical Engineering major. Students formally categorized under a different major should contact their respective department offices for advising procedures.