I am interested in the application of nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation, and stochastic processes, to problems in biology. Much of my work revolves around the application of these methods to understand the mechanisms that underlie abnormal cardiac rhythms which precede a heart attack. This work involves a wide range of scales ranging from the ion channels that regulate the electrical activity in heart cells, to the dynmaics of electrical excitations iin the whole heart. Remarkably, ideas from physics and mathematics are essential for a complete understanding of these biological phenomena, which is critical in order to develop rational treatments.  To learn more about my research work browse through my publications in the link above.

Some Resources

1  Excellent article by Professor Francisco Bezanilla on the "Molecular Basis of Excitability".  Excellent introduction, by an expert in the field, on how ion channels regulate the electrical potential across cells. 

2.  Elizabeth Cherry and Flavio Fenton at Cornell have put together a nice collections of Java applets on various aspects of excitable media and cardiac dynamics.  Check out their website here

3. A nice article by Alain Karma and Robert Gilmour (Physics Today) on pattern formation in the heart.

4. Alain Karma has written a nice review article emphasizing the physicist's perspective.

5. Don Bers has written a nice review article on calcium cycling and arryhthmias.