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1.      Ph.D. in Geography, 2001, State University of New York at Buffalo.

2.      M. S. in Geography, 1994, Nanjing University, China.

3.      M. A. in Geography, 1997, The University of Akron, Ohio.

4.      B. A. in Urban and Regional Planning, 1991. Nanjing University, China


·         Geog150 World Geography

·        Geog306 “Intermediate Geographic Information Systems

·       Geog351 “Urban Geography

·       Geog321 “Geography of United States

·       Geog324 “China”

·       Geog360 “Quantitative Geography

·       Geog404 “Urban Field Survey

·       Geog406 “Advanced Geographic Information Systems

·       Geog460 “Spatial Analysis

·       Geog640C “Industry Location

·     Geog696 “Directed Graduate Research

·       Geog690F “Methods in GIS: Exploring ArcObjects

Funded Research


·         My major interests fall within Economic Geography, GIS, Spatial Statistics, and Contemporary China. Particularly, I am interested in technological innovation and urban/regional economic development.


·         Principle Investigator. Foreign Research and Development Investment in China. National Science Foundation. $139,863. August 2002 January 2007.


·         Principal Investigator. Collaborative Research: A Comparative Study of ICT Industry Development in the Beijing, Shanghai-Suzhou, and Shenzhen-Dongguan City Regions in China,National Science Foundation, $49,698 allocated for my part.2006 2010.


·         Principal Investigator. “Chinese Ways of Innovation-Strategic Directions of Research on China Innovation.”  National Science Foundation, $58,187. 2011


·         Principal Investigator. “Using GIS to Evaluate the Effectiveness of LADWP Programs in Improving Energy Usage Efficiency in City of Los Angeles.” $45,000. 2013


            Research Fellowships


·         2013-2014 California State University Chancellor’s office Wang’s Fellowship


·         2009-2010 Research Fellow, California State University, Northridge





Recent Publications

Edited Book

Sun, Yifei, Max von Zedtwitz and Denis Fred Simon (eds), 2008. Global R&D in China. London: Routledge (It was also published as a Special Issue in Asia Pacific Business Review in 2007).



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Journal Guest Editors


1.      Kalafsky, Ronald V.and Yifei Sun. Guest Editors, 2011.  Special Issue on Asian Manufacturing. GeoJournal. 76(6).


2.      Sun, Yifei and Rongping Mu, Guest Editors, 2010. Special Issue on Chinas New Innovation-Oriented Strategy. International Journal of Technology Management 51 (2/3/4).


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3.      Sun, Yifei, Max von Zedtwitz and Denis Fred Simon, Guest Editors, 2007 Special Issue on Global R&D in China, Asia Pacific Business Review 13(3).


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4.      Zhou, Yu and Yifei Sun, Guest Editors, 2006 Special Issue on Science and Technology Development in China, China Review 6 (1).


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Refereed Journal Articles (most can be downloaded from SSRN:  http://ssrn.com/author=1076455):


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Book Reviews


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