WebCT 4: Student Instructions for Discussion

1. Discussion Topics and Posting Messages:

1. From the homepage, click on the Discussion link (Your instructor might be calling it something else like Bulletin board).

2. Click on the title of whatever topic to which you want to add information or read the messages, in order to go into that particular topic area. In the example below, it might be "Welcome".

Topic Page and List of Messages

3. Click on the first message title inside the topic to see your instructor's question and the assignment.


4. Write up your answer in a Word-processor if you have a long assignment, select all the text, and then copy from the Edit menu at the top of the word-processing program.

5, Go back to the WebCT Discussion topic page, click Compose Message, fill in a subject title, click in the message box, and paste your answer into the message box from the Edit menu above. Do NOT use the Attachment method unless the file is a .txt or .html or .jpeg or .gif file.

Message Box


6. Click Preview and then Post if you don't need to edit it. You will again see the message list.

7. Important! Click Update Listing to see your posting at the bottom of the list.

8. Make sure that the link in the upper right hand corner, All Messages is clicked on.

9. To open up and read all the messages on one scrollable screen, click in the box after the word Status, then click Compile.

10. If you want to answer a specific message and have your answer indented directly under that message, click on the title of the message you want to answer. Only that message will open up and you can click on Reply to answer it.

Individual Message Reply

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