WebCT4: Student Instructions for Submitting Assignments


1. Navigating the Assignment Tool

1. From the homepage of your WebCT course, click on Assignment link.

2. Click on the title of the assignment. In the example below, it would be "Final Exam".

3. Read the instructions for the assignment and made a note of the due date.


2. Creating and Saving your Assignment

1. Write your assignment in a Word-processor like Microsoft Word. Format it like any paper.

2. IMPORTANT! All files must be properly saved for your insturctor to see it. Saving your file correctly is crucial to the success in posting your assignment to WebCT.

File name conventions:

*All files must have an extension, which tells the computer what language underlies the file. Examples of file extension names are .doc, .txt, and .html. Macintosh computers do not automatically put in the file extensions, so you must add them manually. PCs usually put in the file names.

*File names will not work if there are spaces or punctuation or even, sometimes, numbers. So name your file something like: jonesfinalexam.html

*The file extension must match the file type that you are saving. Most word-processors can save different types of files. There are 3 possible ways to save for posting into WebCT.

3. Upload your File(s) to WebCT 4. Submit your Assignment File(s)

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