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Online Research Resources

CSUN's Oviatt Library has a wealth of online and traditional research tools. Some excellent full-text databases are at your fingertips online, and you can discuss your particular project with a living, breathing reference librarian.

Katherine Dabbour is the designated Communication Studies Librarian and knows where to find the sources you need. She can be of tremendous help in your research. Don't hesitate to ask her for assistance. Here is the link to her Communication Studies Research resources page for COMS majors.

Below are links to a variety of online resources. This semester's Research Project will focus on the USA Patriot Act so will add to and update these sources as we move through the semester. As you find other sources in doing your research, post them on the newsgroup and I'll be happy to add them here.

Cyberspace and Critical Theory - This site has 14 different categories of links to topics as wide-ranging as cyborgs, anime, hypertext fiction, politics, gender ... this is a good place to explore possible topics for your research project. A rich, interesting site.

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life is an online journal with a searchable archive based on topics and issues. Also check out the links page of blogs, zines, journals and sites of political interest.

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies - This not-for-profit organization has a compendium of materials - book reviews, ongoing projects, courses taught across the country, and a Featured Links page of other sites and online journals.

The Center for Women & Information Technology is another rich collection of sites and materials on women and technology - an area where things are rapidly changing!

The Institute for New Media Studies is a "center for creation, innovation and examination" of forms of new media as they affect the contemporary mediascape. Check out the project on Digital Storytelling - an area where the most ancient & human art form is being reconfigured.

CTheory is an "international journal of theory, technology, and culture." Some fascinating articles in these issues, by &/or about some of the leading theorists in the field.

Crossings is an Electronic Journal of Art and Technology. Has a searchable archive.

SIMILE: Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education is a scholarly journal focusing perhaps the most important challenge for our mediated culture.

Reference & Research Tools:

Those of you using the Web for research may find the following links useful. Each one takes you to search engines that will greatly aid the process of research. Enjoy, but remember, internet searching is addictive, and there is no substitute for a visit to a physical library now and again!

Technology News:

Frequently updated, the following links should help you figure out what's going on in the world of communication and technology.

Scholarly Resources:

These resources include complete scholarly essays and other useful documents.


These resources all have an activist bent; they are frequently updated with news and information about liberty and rights in the online world.


Some peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the field are available to the public online. Many more are available through the Oviatt Library.


Some resources for students interested in technology and media studies.


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