Mass and Tension

As the mass of a vibrating body increases, its frequency decreases, but as the tension increases the frequency also increases.

The pitch of one's voice is raised by increasing the muscle tension on the vocal folds in the larynx.

A person who is tense may have a habitually higher pitched voice that would be predicted from the mass of his vocal folds.

Our face and our voice are two important passports, that determine if and how we will be accepted into society.

Our Voice is a major component of our Self Concept

When the teenager's voice begins to change, a major part of his self concept is threatened.

In a desperate attempt to maintain the status quo for vocal pitch, some teenagers may adopt a falsetto register.

If mass and tension of a vibrating object are held constant, there will be one frequency at which it vibrates best.

A body will resonate if the original vibration matches the Natural frequency of the resonator.

A resonator is a screen that lets some frequencies of a complex tone through while inhibiting others.