What is Perception & how does it relate to language?

Draw this figure and then try to color it in.

Although the lines are clear enough, it will still be difficult to draw. Why? The answer is the difference between transduction and perception.

The perceptual process involves brain structuring, and how it organizes incoming stimuli, determines what we experience.

The Brain is free to create our reality in just about anyway it wants.

There are two influences contributing to perceptual organization: innate brain structure and personal past experiences.

In the final analysis, structure and experience interact to create our reality.

One innate perceptual process that effects our reality, is the creation of the Best Figure (image) Possible.

Some innate perceptual processes that effect our reality, utilize the stimulus quality of Continuity and Similarity to organize the figure.

A third innate perceptual process that effects our reality, is the quality of Proximity.

Spaces make words stand out as units.

The Brain achieves Figure-Ground discrimination by focussing on some stimuli and suppressing others.

The lowest level of perceptual organization is an awareness of the presence of the stimulus.

There are three types of figure-ground tasks: Masked Figures; Embedded Figures; and Reversible Figures.