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Philosophy 445: philosophy of language


Policy on Late or Missed Assignments

Late summary essays and term papers will usually not be accepted unless prior permission for a later deadline has been granted. If, due to verifiable circumstances beyond your control, you wish to submit late work without prior approval, you must notify me (either directly or through the Department Office) before the next class meeting following the missed deadline. I will be under no obligation to accept any work that is more than one week late.


Policy on Academic Honesty and Working With Others

The University’s policies on academic honesty (http://www.csun.edu/~vcoao087/honesty.pdf) will be strictly enforced. The written assignments will not require you to consult any materials that were not specifically assigned or recommended, but you may use any sources that you find helpful. If you do consult other sources – including web sources, other students, friends, etc. – you must explicitly document them and clearly indicate the extent of your dependence on them. (If you are unsure about how to do this, ask me.) Submitting any other person’s work as if it were your own constitutes plagiarism. Detected plagiarism or cheating will result in a grade of zero on the work involved (and usually in the course), and further penalties (including suspension or expulsion) may be levied by the University.

I encourage you to work with your classmates throughout the semester for the purpose of collaborative learning, including preparation for the essays and term paper. However, any work you ultimately submit for grading must be yours alone.