Mathematical Ideas

Summer 2012

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We will use basic arithmetic, algebra, and descriptive statistics to understand and model the CSU budget crisis.

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Course Prerequisites

Passing score on or exemption from the Entry Level Mathematics Examination, or credit in MATH 093.General Education course intended to acquaint the student with basic mathematical ideas. (Available for General Education, Basic Skills Mathematics)

Student Learning Objectives

At the end of their program of study, students should be able to

  • Represent, understand and explain mathematical information symbolically, graphically, numerically and verbally.

  • Develop mathematical models of real-world situations and explain the assumptions and limitations of those models.

  • Use models to make predictions, draw conclusions, check whether the results are reasonable, and find optimal results using technology where necessary and appropriate.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of mathematical reasoning including the ability to prove simple results and/or make statistical inferences.


F/U59.5 and below

Late Assignment Policy:

NO late homework is accepted.

Course Assignments

  • M131 Mathematical Ideas

    Basic Statistics

  • Using a Spreadsheet Program

    Reading and Writing Mathematics

    Financial Math

    The CSU Budget Crisis and the Cost of College

  • Grading Policy

    80% - homework, quizzes, and forums

  • 20% - project

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News : All course information is on the M131 Moodle Course site.

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