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abel scholarship


Cynthia Flores


May 2006

Cynthia Flores

Cynthia was a junior in the BA Math Option when she received the scholarship.

Cynthia's Bio



Robert Hammel

May 2007

Robert Hammell

Robert was a junior in the BA Four-Year Integrated Teaching Option when he received the scholarship.

Robert's Bio


Tracey LowMay 2008

Tracey Low

Tracey Low was a sophomore in the BA Four-Year Integrated Teaching Option when she received the scholarship.

Tracey's Bio


May 2009

William Sherman

William was a sophomore in the BS Applied Math Option when he received the scholarship.

William's Bio




May 2010

Johanna Garcia

Johanna was a sophomore in the BA Secondary Teaching Option when she received the scholarship.

Johanna's Bio



May 2011

Andrew Duhancioglu

Andrew was a junior in the BS Statistics Option when he received the scholarship.

Andrew's Bio




                              May 2012

Katherine Marroquin

Kathrine was a junior in the BS Option when

she received the scholarship

Katherine's Bio




Niels Henrik Abel (1802 - 1829)

Niels Henrik Abel


Niels Henrik Abel was a Norwegian mathematician - a pioneer in the development of several branches of modern mathematics.










Abel Scholarship

Mathematics Department, California State University Northridge


The Abel Scholarship is an annual award in the amount of $500 to be given to a sophomore or junior mathematics major at CSUN based on academic merit. Students may self nominate or be nominated by a faculty member. Each applicant must submit a short biographical statement and an unofficial transcript as well provide two letters of recommendations from faculty members in the Mathematics Department.  The application deadline is Monday April 30, 2014.  

Abel Scholarship Endowment

The Abel Scholarship was established by professor Magnhild Lien, faculty member and former chair of the Mathematics Department at California State University.  In December 2005 she pledged to pay $500 per year for five years toward scholarships for math majors.  She named the scholarship the Abel Scholarship and in her words this is why: “I have named the scholarship after the Norwegian mathematician, Niels Henrik Abel since he was the first mathematician I ever heard of. When I was a young girl my parents brought me to Frolands Verk, a small village close to where we lived so that I could see the monument built in honor of Abel. I don’t know what prompted this visit on my parents’ part, but it did make an impression on me.”   Professor Lien encouraged math faculty and emeritus faculty to contribute to the Abel Scholarship Fund.  By the generous support from emeritus faculty Helen Coulson and others, the Fund has grown to over $21,000 (excluding the $4,000 already given in scholarships) and in spring 2011 the Abel Scholarship Endowment was established.  If you wish to donate to the Endowment, you may do so online or make a check out to the CSUN Foundation - Abel Scholarship Endowment and mail to CSUN Foundation, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330-8388.  If you have any questions in regard to making your tax-deductable contribution please contact the Director of Development for the College of Science and Mathematics,

Donors to the Abel Scholarship Fund/Endowment


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