California State Adopted Middle School Math Programs

The California State Board of Education adopted three middle school math textbook
series in 2001.  They are:

    1. McDougal Littell Concepts and Skills             grades 6-8
    2. McDougal Littell Structure and Method         grades 6-8
    3.  Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra, Calif. Edition      grade 7
         Prentice Hall Algebra I, Calif. Edition           grade 8

Fifteen university mathematicians were appointed to panels, called "Content Review
Panels," or CRPs, to evaluate the mathematical content of all math textbook submissions, and to report their findings to Instructional Materials Advisory Panels, or IMAPs, the California Curriculum Commission, and the California State Board of Education.  Each of these other agencies wrote their own reports as well.  Based on the reports it received,  the State Board of Education made all final decisions on textbook adoptions.

CRP reports for the state adopted middle school math series are available here:

Concepts and Skills, grades 6, 7
Concepts and Skills, Algebra I
Letter from CRP members on Concepts and Skills Alg I

Structure and Method, grade 6
Structure and Method, grade 7
Structure and Method, Algebra I

Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra
Prentice Hall Algebra I

The final reports for all California state adopted programs are posted on the California Department of Education's website.