California Certification in Mammography


Only Certified Radiologic Technologists in Radiography (CRT(R))
are eligible to complete the qualifications for advanced
Certification in Mammography

Academic Requirements

Following CRT eligibility or senior student status in an approved CRT(R) program, the applicant must complete 40 hours of approved Mammography education. There are several courses and/or programs throughout the state of California that are designed to prepare the Mammography student to pass the State advanced certification test in Mammography. However, the State currently will accept any 40 hours of approved Mammography Continuing Education. This means that the potential Mammographer could attain a variety of educational experiences rather than a structured Mammography course to qualify for testing. An applicant who qualifies in this manner would be advised to find additional sources to prepare for the State test.

The California Certification Examination is a comprehensive 130-question test. The syllabus outlining the subject content areas and textbook references are available from the Department of Health Services Radiologic Health Bureau. Call Robert Kubiak at (916) 322-5096 to request a Mammography Syllabus and an application to the California State Test.

If you are interested in a program or course that has been approved by the State of California for test preparation, call Robert Kubiak at (916) 322-5096 to request a list of approved programs.

Clinical Requirements

Find out more about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA)

When you successfully pass the state test, you will have to document that you have completed a minimum of 25 directly supervised* mammograms in order to be Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) qualified to work as a Mammographer. This may be done at your place of employment under the direct supervision* of a current CRT(M)/MQSA qualified Mammographer.


*Direct supervision means that a qualified Mammographer is present with you in the room as you position and expose the patient during the entire Mammographic examination.

Sometime after January 2002(?)

(Depending upon Pending Regulations)

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) offers an approved course in Mammography Certification

Sometime after January, 2002, due to pending regulations, all applicants to the California State Certification Examination in Mammography (CRT(M)) will have to have graduated from a California State-approved Mammography program. These programs will contain a comprehensive Mammography course with appropriate laboratory work and clinical experience, including screening and diagnostic Mammography.