Dr. Peter Bellin


Background information

I was born in New York City, but moved to Los Angeles in 1985.  I have been here ever since, and stay for the weather.

My entry into the field of Environmental and Occupational Health was based on my own work experience.  After graduation from Brandeis University with a BA in Biology, I worked as a laboratory technician, and suffered a few occupational injuries.  This led me to wonder about how job hazards are controlled, and how the lab could operate with minimal affect on the environmental.  This led me to the field of Industrial Hygiene.  I liked the concept of a job where I could help prevent injuries and illnesses resulting from conditions at work, so I applied to several graduate schools. I was fortunate enough to be accepted by Harvard School of Public Health, where I went on to obtain an MS in Industrial Hygiene / Air Pollution.

With my MS, I went to work for several years.  I was an inspector for the Arizona State OSHA, then went to Washington, DC to work as a consultant for unions, at the Workers' Institute for Safety and Health.  Since I yearned to be a teacher in a University, I decided to obtain a Ph.D.  I went to UCLA, got my doctorate, and was lucky enough to find a faculty position at California State University, Northridge in 1990.  I have been teaching here ever since.


My favorite game is Scrabble.  I used to play in tournaments, but that activity has slackened off now that my wife and I have a child to raise.  I still love the game of Scrabble, and promote it as a fun way to play with words and stretch your mind.

I enjoy hiking and fishing, although those activities have also taken second place to raising a child.

Course web pages

The real reason for this page is to direct students to my course web pages.  The number of linked pages will change as my teaching assignments change, but for now you can link to:

EOH 466A The Occupational Environment

EOH 466B Evaluating the Occupational Environment

EOH 468 Air Pollution and Health

Other web pages

EOH Department page.

Health and Human Development web page

Professional Organizations students should join

American Industrial Hygiene Association

Southern California Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association

American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

American Society of Safety Engineers

California Environmental Health Association

National Environmental Health Association