Thomas H. Hatfield

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
California State University
Northridge, CA 91330
(818) 677-4708
   Dr.P.H.  UCLA                                          1985          
            Environmental and Occupational Health
   M.P.H.   UCLA                                          1978          
            Environmental and Occupational Health 
   B.S.     STANFORD UNIVERSITY                           1976          
            Biological Sciences                                       
E X P E R I E N C E                                                   
   CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE                              
   Department of Environmental and Occupational Health    

      Department Chair                                    2005-present                       

      Full Professor                                      1996-present  
      Associate Professor                                 1991-1996     
      Assistant Professor                                 1988-1991     
      Lecturer                                            1983-1985     
   UNIVERSITY OF KUOPIO, FINLAND                                      
   Department of Environmental Sciences                               
   Environmental Risk Analysis                                        
      Adjunct Professor (Docent)                          1994-present  
   UNIVERSITY OF TAMPERE, FINLAND                                      
   Department of Environmental Sciences                               
   Environmental Risk Analysis                                        
      Adjunct Professor (Docent)                          2002-present                                                                      
   UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA                                             
   College of Public Health                                           
   Department of Environmental and Occupational Health                
      Assistant Professor                                 1985-1988     
   Hazardous Waste Management Project                                 
      Administrative Assistant                            1984-1985     
   Environmental and Occupational Health                              
      Teaching Assistant                                  1981-1983     
   Orange County, California                                          
      Registered Environmental Health Specialist          1980-1981     
   NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION                                     
   Lodi, California                                                   
      Regional Representative                             1978-1980  


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      United Nations Environment Programme
          The Global Benefits of Phasing Out 
          Leaded Fuel                                     2010       
      California Faculty Fellows Grant                    2000           
         "The Determination of Thresholds of 
          Environmental Significance in the 
          Application of the California   
          Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)"                                           
      Judge Julian Beck Grant                             1996           
         "A Manual for the Electronic Classroom"                                                                                              
      California Faculty Fellows Grant                    1994           
         "Federal and State Parallelism in 
          Environmental Legislation"                                                                                                                       
      Fulbright Grant                                     1992           
         Visiting Professor, University of Kuopio                                                                                               
      California State University Grant                   1990           
         "Framing Effects of Risk Labeling"                                                                                           
      National Institutes of Health Grant                 1988
         "Risk Attitudes Toward 
          Environmental Risk Assessments"                                                    
      Visiting Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
         UCLA                                             2010                                                        
      Visiting Professor, Risk Analysis:                            
         University of Tampere, Finland                   2000           
         University of Kuopio, Finland                    2000           
         University of Kuopio, Finland                    1997           
         University of Kuopio, Finland                    1995           
         Tallin Technical University, Estonia             1995           
         University of Kuopio, Finland                    1994           
         University of Paris VII, France                  1992                                                                                  
      Consultant, "MTBE in Groundwater"                   1993                                                                                                        
      Peer Reviewer, Health Assessment Protocols          1991-present   
         Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry                                                                                       
      Sanitarian Training Program                         1986-1988      
         Oklahoma Department of Health Services                          
      Presidential Citations:
         California Conference of Directors of 
            Environmental Health                          2009
         California Environmental Health Association      2009
      Interview, CNN Headline News                        2008
         “Green Careers”                                                      
      National Environmental Health Association:                       
         Journal Editor's Award                           1996, 2001           
         Presidential Citation                            1995                                                                                
      Memoranda of Understanding:                                      
         Ukrainian Scientific Center                      1994-present   
            Kiev, Ukraine                                              
         University of Kuopio, Finland                    1993-present   
            Department of Environmental Science                                                                                             
      Teacher of the Year, University of Oklahoma:              
         Department of Environmental Health               1988           
         College of Public Health                         1987   
      Personnel Planning and Review                       current
      Presidential Advisory Board on                          
         Equity and Diversity                             1995-1998     
      Educational Equity                                  1994-1995     
      PEWS Mini-roundtable on Higher Education                 1993     
      Distinguished Visitor Program                       1990-1991     
      Emergency Preparedness Advisory Board               1989-1991     
      Energy Conservation and Management                  1988-1989     
   COLLEGE (Health and Human Development)                        
      Personnel Committee                                 1998-2000
      Academic Council                                    1994-1996     
      Technology Resources                                1994-1996     
   DEPARTMENT (Environmental and Occupational Health)                                 
      Chair                                               2005-present
      Chair, Personnel Committee                          1996-1997     
      Chair, Curriculum Committee                         1994-1996     
      Chair,  Governance Committee                        1995-1996     
      Member, Governance Committee                        1992-1995     
      Search and Screen, Nursing                               1995     
      Post-tenure Review Committee                        1991-1992     
      Advisory Council, Center for                                    
         Health Promotion and Community Service           1990-present   
      Committee on Center Reorganization                  1990-1991     
   PROGRAM (Environmental and Occupational Health)              
      Director, Environmental and                                     
         Occupational Health Program                      1996-1998 
      Director, CSUN Risk Communication Forum             1990-present  
      Advisor, Environmental and                                      
         Occupational Health Students Association         1991-1993     
      Managing Editor,
           California Journal of Environmental Health     2008-present
      California Registration Board, 
           Environmental Health Specialists               1999-2005
      Technical Editorial Advisory Board, 
           Journal of Environmental Health                1994-2009
      Elected to:                                                
         National Accreditation Council for                            
         Environmental Health Science and Protection      2005-present
            Chair, Graduate Studies                       2009-present
            Chair, Strategic Planning Committee           1994-1995      
            Graduate Committee                            1993-1994      
      Diplomate, American Academy of Sanitarians          1994           
      Registered Environmental Health Specialist:                      
            State of California                           1979-present         
      Review Committee, General Record Exam               1993           
      Liaison, Society for Risk Analysis                                 
         and National Environmental Health Association    1990-1991      
      California Environmental Health Association                            
         Education Committee                              1990-1991      
      National Environmental Health Association           1979-present   
         Ad hoc Electronic Forum                          1998-1999 
         Environmental Software Review Committee          1998-1999 
         Database Committee                               1993-1994      
         Hazardous Materials                                           
            Emergency Management Committee                1988-1989      
      Society for Risk Analysis:                                       
         Session Chair, Annual Meeting                    1991           
      Sigma Xi
      Fulbright Association 




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