Table for Program Assessment



I. Mission and Goals

The plan should

Definition of Terms



Mission and Goals are required in earlier section and need not be repeated here


B. Describe program in content-centered terms

Describe the knowledge and skills the program aims to convey.


C. First refer to overall learning centered  goals of the program (in earlier section of the self-study) and then state program learning outcomes (objectives) in measurable terms

Learning centered outcomes (objectives) should describe what students will be able to do and/or what changes in knowledge, attitudes or behaviors will occur as a result of the program. 


D. Link program level objectives to specific course objectives in measurable terms.

These can be lists, matrices, or other schema showing intended student learning outcomes within courses or sequences of courses as they relate to program level objectives.

II. Developing and implementing

E. Describe assessment methods for learning outcomes

This section identifies and describes specific strategies and methods the faculty will use to determine whether students have achieved the program's intended learning outcomes (e.g. student portfolios, capstone courses, exit exams, etc).


F. Present results of assessment activities as summaries of actual student learning outcomes data that have been collected by the program

This section summarizes the results (using narrative, quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods) from surveys, exams, or other direct measures of program or student learning outcomes.

III. Using assessment Results

G. Offer well-reasoned conclusions concerning what action should be taken given the results in section F above

This section should present a logical analysis of the results as they related to intended and unintended program outcomes.


H. Describe how conclusions drawn from assessment data are or will be used in academic planning process for the program.

This section describes how assessment activities have been used to inform curricular, instructional, and/or planning and implementation activities.









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