Myrmekite articles organized according to subject matter

1. Basic model for the K-metasomatic origin of myrmekite

2. Ca- and Na-metasomatic origin of myrmekite

3. Exsolution: myrmekite and perthite

4. Various examples of granitic rocks with transitional stages for the formation of myrmekite

5. Peraluminous granitic plutons and gneisses

6. Megacrystal granitic rocks and augen gneisses

7. Mylonites and strongly deformed granitic rocks

8. Metasedimentary rocks

9. Magmatic versus metasomatic origin of granitic rocks

10. History of development of the origin of myrmekite

11. Experimental studies

12. Element migration: Ti, Al, Fe, Mg, Ca, and Zn

13. Po halos and myrmekite, a case against "scientific" creationism

14. Petroleum and energy

15. Nibble metasomatic K-feldspathization