Development, Urbanization, Cities and the Third World

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Development, Urbanization, Cities and the Third World:
Working Bibliography

Ashwani Vasishth         [Last Update: July 10, 1999]

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Migration, Urbanization and Development : New Directions and Issues.   Symposium on Internal Migration and Urbanization in Developing countries.   Hardcover.   Published 1999.  Our Price: $137.50.   /  Paperback.  Published 1998.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Urbanization In Large Developing Countries : China, Indonesia, Brazil, and India (International Studies In Demography).  Gavin W. Jones (Editor), et al.  Hardcover.  Published 1998.   Our Price: $75.00.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Cities In the Developing World : Issues, Theory, and Policy.   Josef Gugler (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1997.  Our Price: $92.00.   /  Paperback.  Published 1997.  Our Price: $24.95.  (Special Order)  

Institutional Development : A Third World City Management Perspective.  Ronald McGill.   Hardcover.  Published 1997.  Our Price: $59.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Urbanization and Economic Growth.  Vibhooti Shukla, et al.  Hardcover.  Published 1996.   Our Price: $35.00.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

The Urban Transformation of the Developing World : Regional Trajectories. Josef Gugler (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1996.   Our Price: $65.00.   Read more about this title...

The Urban Transformation of the Developing World : Regional Trajectories.  Josef Gugler (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1996.  Our Price: $19.95

In the Cities of the South : Scenes from a Developing World.  Jeremy Seabrook.   Hardcover.  Published 1996.  Our Price: $65.00.  (Special Order)

Urban Management : The Challenge of Growth.  Kenneth Davey (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1996.   Our Price: $68.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Urbanization and Mental Health In Developing Countries.  Trudy Harpham (Editor), Ilona Blue (Editor).  Hardcover.   Published 1995.  Our Price: $63.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Exploring Urban America : An Introductory Reader.  Roger W. Caves.  Hardcover.  Published 1994.   Our Price: $75.00.  (Special Order)

Urban Environments In Emerging Economies.  David L. McKee.  Hardcover.  Published 1994.   Our Price: $52.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

The Urbanization of Insurgency : The Potential Challenge to U.S. Army Operations.  Jennifer Morrison Taw, et al.  Paperback.  Published 1994.   Our Price: $7.50 + $1.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Land Use Considerations In Urban Environmental Management (Urban Management Program, No 12 Urban Management and the Environment).  Janis D. Bernstein.  Paperback.  Published 1994.   Our Price: $7.95 $1.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Population Growth, Employment and Poverty In Third-World Mega-Cities.  Hardcover.  Published 1993.  (Special Order)

Population Growth, Employment and Poverty In Third-World Mega-Cities : Analytical and Policy Issues.  A.S. Oberai.   Hardcover.  Published1993.   Read more about this title...

The Urban Environment and Population Relocation (World Bank Discussion Papers, No 152).  Michael M. Cernea.   Paperback.  Published 1993.  Our Price: $6.95 (Back Ordered)

Urban Management.  G. Shabbir Cheema, Sandra E. Ward (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1993.   Our Price: $69.50.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Third World Cities : Problems, Politics and Prospects (Sage Focus Editions, Vol 148).  John D. Kasarda, Allan M. Parnell (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1992.   Our Price: $27.50.  (Special Order)

Cities In the 1990s : The Challenge for Developing Countries : Highlights from a Workshop of Representatives of International Aid Agencies and Govern.  Nigel Harris (Editor).   Hardcover.  Published 1992.  Our Price: $59.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Cities, Poverty and Development : Urbanization In the Third World Alan Gilbert.  Paperback.  Published 1992.   Our Price: $35.00

Urban Development In Southeast Asia : Regional Cities and Local Government.  Jurgen Ruland.   Read more about this title...

Environmental Management and Urban Vulnerability (World Bank Discussion Papers, No 168).  Alcira Kreimer (Editor), Mohan Munasinghe (Editor)

Access to Basic Infrastructure by the Urban Poor (Edi Policy Seminar Report, No 28).  Aurelio Menendez.   Paperback.  Published 1991.  Our Price: $22.00.  (Special Order)

City, Class and Trade : Social and Economic Change In the Third World.  Nigel Harris.   Hardcover.  Published 1991.  Our Price: $59.50 (Back Ordered)

The Urban World.  J. John Palen.   Hardcover.  Published 1991.  Our Price: $53.20.  (Special Order)

Urban Policy and Economic Development : An Agenda for the 1990'S/11816 (World Bank Policy Paper).  Paperback.  Published 1991.   Our Price: $7.95 $1.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Cities and Development In the Third World.  Robert B. Potter (Editor), Ademola T. Salau (Editor).   Hardcover.  Published 1990.  Our Price: $110.00.  (Special Order)

Economic Growth and Urbanization In Developing Areas.  David Drakakis-Smith.  Hardcover.  Published 1990.  Our Price: $67.00.  (Special Order).    Read more about this title...

The Geography of Urban-Rural Interaction In Developing Countries.  Robert B. Potter, T. Unwin (Editor)

The Urbanization Revolution : Planning a New Agenda for Human Settlements (Urban Innovation Abroad).  Richard, Jr. May (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1989.   Our Price: $75.00.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

African Cities In Crisis : Managing Rapid Urban Growth (African Modernization and Development Series).  Richard E. Stren, Rodney R. White (Editor).   Read more about this title...

The Urbanization of the Third World.  Josef Gugler (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1988.   Our Price: $26.00 (Back Ordered) / (Publisher Out of Stock)

Life Space and Economic Space : Essays In Third World Planning.  John Friedmann.   Hardcover.  Published 1988 (Publisher Out of Stock)

Mobility and Employment In Urban Southeast Asia : Examples from Indonesia and the Philippines (International Studies In Migration).  Michael A. Costello

The Third World City (Methuen Introductions to Development Series).  David Drakakis-Smith.   Paperback.  Published 1987 (Publisher Out of Stock)

Migration Urbanization and Development.  A.S. Oberai.  Paperback.  Published 1987.   Our Price: $13.50.  (Special Order)

The Economics of Urbanization and Urban Policies In Developing Countries (A World Bank Symposium).  George S. Tolley, Vinod Thomas (Editor)

The Geography of Third World Cities.  Stella Lowder.  Hardcover.  Published 1986.   Our Price: $61.50.  (Special Order)

Regional Urban Centres : Structure and Interaction.  Kalpana Markandey

Urbanisation In the Developing World.  David Drakakis-Smith (Editor)

Theatres of Accumulation : Studies In Asian and Latin American Urbanization.  Warwick Armstrong, Terence McGee

Urbanisation and Planning In the Third World : Public Participation and Perception.  Robert B. Potter.   Hardcover.  Published 1985.  Our Price: $35.00.  (Special Order)

What Drives Third World City Growth? : A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach.  Allen C. Kelley, Jeffrey G. Williamson (Contributor).  Hardcover.  Published 1984.  Our Price: $55.00.  (Special Order)

Development and the Rural-Urban Divide.  John Harriss, Moore Mick (Editor)

Approaches to the Study of the Environmental Implications of Contemporary Urbanization (Mab Technical Notes ; 14).  Rodney White (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1984.   Our Price: $8.50 $1.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Urban Development In the Third World.  Pradip K. Ghosh (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1984.   Our Price: $69.50.  (Special Order)

Learning by Doing : World Bank Lending for Urban Development, 1972-82/0337.  Paperback.  Published 1983.   Our Price: $5.00 $2.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Urban Growth and Local Taxes In Less Developed Countries (Papers of the East-West Population Institute No. 89).  Roy Bahl, et al.  Paperback.  Published 1983.   Our Price: $1.25 $3.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Urban Housing Analysis and Housing Policy In Developing Countries : Selected References.  Lynn Thurston.   Paperback.  Published 1983.  Our Price: $16.00.  (Special Order)

Urban Migrants In Developing Nations : Patterns and Problems of Adjustment.  Calvin Goldscheider (Editor)

Secondary Cities In Developing Countries : Policies for Diffusing Urbanization.  Dennis A. Rondinelli

Cities In the Developing World : Policies for Their Equitable and Efficient Growth (World Bank Research Publication).  Johannes F Linn.  Hardcover.  Published 1983.   Our Price: $29.95.  (Special Order) / (Publisher Out of Stock)

Towards a Political Economy of Urbanization In 3rd World Countries.  Helen Safa

Urbanization In the Third World.  Mohammad A. Qadeer.  Hardcover.  Published 1982.  Our Price: $69.50.  (Special Order)

The Social Dimensions of Development : Social Policy and Planning In the Third World.  M. Hardiman

Urban and Regional Analysis for Development Planning.  Richard Rhoda

A Gospel for the Cities.  Benjamin Tonna

Tradition and Modernity.  Jessie Lutz

City Bias and Rural Neglect : The Dilemma of Urban Development.  Michael P Todaro

Problems and Planning In Third World Cities.  Pacione, Michael Pacione (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1981.  Our Price: $35.00.  (Special Order)

National Urbanization Policy In Developing Countries.  Bertrand, Renaud

Urbanisation, Housing, and the Development Process.  D. W. Drakakis-Smith.  Hardcover.  Published 1980.  Our Price: $45.00.  (Special Order)

Urban Development In the Third World : Guidelines for the Formulation of Projects. a Praeger Special Study.  John D Herbert.  Hardcover.  Published 1979.  Our Price: $31.95.  (Special Order)

Urbanization and Rural Development : A Spatial Policy for Equitable Growth.  Dennis A. Rondinelli

Third World Urbanization.  Janet and Hay, Richard Abu Lugh (Editor)

Urban Housing In the Third World.  Geoffrey Payne

The City In the Third World,.  Denis John, Comp. Dwyer

Cities In Transformation; The Urban Squatter Problem of the Developing World.  Morris Juppenlatz

The City In the Third World.  D. J. Dwyer

Colonial Urban Development : Culture, Social Power, and Environment.  Anthony D. King

Ecodevelopment and Third World Urban Regions : A Prospective For International Development Cooperation Policy.  Simon Miles

Land Use and the Intermediate-Size City In Developing Countries : With Case Studies of Turkey, Brazil, and Malaysia.  Malcolm D. Rivkin

A New Agenda For Human Settlements.  

Population, Urbanization, and Quality of Life : UNCHS (HABITAT) Contribution to the International Conference on Population and Development, 1994.  

Squatter Settlements In Developing Countries : A Bibliography.   Barbara Buick

Urban and Rural Change In the Developing World : Proceedings of the International Workshop On Urban Farming and Rural Tourism : Priorities For Action In the 21st Century : At the King's Manor, York, 19-20 October 1994.  

Urban Anthropology : Perspectives on "Third World" Urbanisation and Urbanism.  Peter Claus Wolfgang.   Gutkind.

Urban-rural Integration In Regional Development : A Case Study of Saurashtra, India, 1800-1960.  Howard Spodek

Urbanisation In Developing Countries : Basic Services and Community Participation.  

Urbanization In the Developing World : Current Trends and Need Responses : Hearing Before The International Task Force of the Select Committee On Hunger, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session, Hearing Held In Washington, DC, November 14, 1991.  

The Urbanization Process In the Third World: Explorations In Search of A Theory.  T. G. McGee

Values and Development : Appraising Asian Experience.  

Agriculture In the Bahamas: Historical Development 1492–1992.   Godfrey Eneas.  Mass Market Paperback.   Published 1998.  Our Price: $17.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

From the Center of the Earth : Stories Out of the Peace Corps.  Geraldine Kennedy (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1991.  Our Price: $12.95 (Back Ordered).   Read more about this title...

Solving the Global Debt Crisis : Strategies and Controversies by Key Stakeholders (The Institutional Investor Series In Finance).  Christine A. Bogdanowicz-Bindert (Editor)

Quest for the Killers.  June Goodfield

Paths to Progress : Bread and Freedom In Developing Societies.  William Maxwell McCord, Arline McCord.  Hardcover.  Published 1986.   Our Price: $17.95.  (Special Order)

Transnationals and the Third World.  Armand Mattelart.  Paperback.  Published 1986 (Publisher Out of Stock)

The Overseas List : Opportunities for Living and Working In Developing Countries.  David M. Beckmann

A Structural Conflict : The Third World Against Global Liberalism (Studies In International Political Economy, 12).  Stephen D. Krasner.  Paperback.  Published 1985.   Our Price: $16.95

Circulation In Third World Countries.  R. Mansell Prothero, Murray Chapman (Editor)

Reality and Rhetoric : Studies In the Economics of Development Peter Tamas Bauer.  Hardcover.  Published 1984.   Our Price: $27.50

Unmanifest Destiny : Mayhem and Illusion In American Foreign Policy- From the Monroe Doctrine to Reagan's War In El Salvador.  T. D. Allman

The Crowded Earth : People and Politics of Population.  Pranay Gupte

The Health of Nations : An Investigation of the Pharmaceutical Industry's Exploitation of the Third World for Profit.  Mike Muller

The Voice of the Poor : Essays In Economic and Political Persuasion.  John Kenneth Galbraith.  Paperback.  Published 1984.  Our Price: $5.95

The Intemperate Zone : The Third World Challenge to U.S. Foreign Policy.  Richard E. Feinberg.   Paperback.  Published 1984.  Our Price: $8.95. (Special Order)

The Voice of the Poor : Essays In Economic and Political Persuasion.  John Kenneth Galbraith.  Hardcover.  Published 1983.  Our Price: $13.50

Third World Today.  Richard Worth

Common Crisis North-South : Cooperation for World Recovery.   Brandt Commission

Third World Tomorrow.  Paul Harrison

The Money Lenders.  Anthony Sampson

Nuclear Power In the Developing World.  Daniel Poneman

Development Without Aid : Growth, Poverty and Government.  Melvyn B. Krauss

Introduction to Sociology of 'Developing Countries'.  H. Alavi, T. Shanin.  Paperback.  Published 1982.   Our Price: $16.00.  (Special Order)

The Multinational Company.  Orville L. Freeman.  Hardcover.  Published 1981.   Our Price: $49.95.  (Special Order)

Energy Futures of Developing Countries : The Neglected Victims of the Energy Crisis.  Harlan Cleveland (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1980.  Our Price: $35.95.  (Special Order)

You Don't Want to Die In Africa.  Rosemarie Grabski.  Mass Market Paperback.  Our Price: $12.95.  (Special Order)

No Trespassing : Squatting, Rent Strikes, and Land Struggles Worldwide.  Corr, anders Corr.   Paperback.  Published 1999.  Our Price: $14.40 ~ You Save: $3.60 (20%) (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

No Trespassing : Squatting, Rent Strikes, and Land Struggles Worldwide.  Corr, anders Corr.   Hardcover.  Published 1999.  Our Price: $28.00 ~ You Save: $12.00 (30%) (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

Street Politics : Poor People's Movements In Iran Asef Bayat.  Hardcover.  Published 1997.   Our Price: $47.50
Read more about this title...

Street Politics : Poor People's Movements In Iran Asef Bayat.  Paperback.  Published 1997.   Our Price: $17.50
Read more about this title...

Housing the Urban Poor : A Guide to Policy and Practice In the South.  Brian C. Aldrich (Editor), Ravinder S. Sandhu (Editor).  Paperback.  Published 1996.   Our Price: $29.95.  (Special Order)

Housing the Urban Poor : Policy and Practice In Developing Countries.  Brian C. Aldrich (Editor), Ranvinder S. Sandhu (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1995.   Our Price: $69.95.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Popular Organization and Democracy In Rio De Janeiro : A Tale of Two Favelas.  Robert Gay.   Paperback.  Published 1994.  Our Price: $22.95.  (Special Order)

Popular Organization and Democracy In Rio De Janeiro : A Tale of Two Favelas.  Robert Gay.   Hardcover.  Published 1993.  Our Price: $69.95.  (Special Order)

From Ejido to Metropolis, Another Path : An Evaluation on Ejido Property Rights and Informal Land Development In Mexico City (American University Stu).  David Cymet.   Hardcover.  Published 1992.  Our Price: $51.95.  (Special Order)

Slum and Squatter Settlements In Sub-Saharan Africa.  R.A. Obudho, Constance C. Mhlanga (Editor).   Hardcover.  Published 1988.  Our Price: $75.00.  (Special Order).   Read more about this title...

Fringe-Dwellers and Welfare : The Aboriginal Response to Bureaucracy.   Jeff Collmann.  Paperback.  Published 1988.  Our Price: $29.95.  (Special Order)

Rural Exodus & Squatter Settlements In the Third World : Case of Iran.  Abol Hassan Danesh.   Hardcover.  Published 1987.  Our Price: $39.75.  (Special Order)

Rural Exodus & Squatter Settlements In the Third World : Case of Iran.  Abol Hassan Danesh.   Paperback.  Published 1987.  Our Price: $22.50.  (Special Order)

New Communities for Urban Squatters : Lessons from the Plan That Failed In Dhaka, Bangladesh (Urban Innovation Abroad).  Charles L. Choguill.  Hardcover.  Published 1987.   Our Price: $65.00.  (Special Order)

Basic Needs, Woman, and Development : A Survey of Squatters In Lahore, Pakistan.  Nasra M. Shah.   Paperback.  Published 1986.  Our Price: $6.00 $1.85 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Habitat, Health, and Development : A New Way of Looking at Cities In the Third World.  Joseph S. Tulchin (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1986.  Our Price: $26.50.  (Special Order)

Land : The Central Human Settlement Issue (Human Settlement Issues, No 7).  H. Peter Oberlander.   Hardcover.  Published 1985.  Our Price: $7.95 $1.35 special surcharge.  (Special Order)

Squatter Settlements : Monographs.  Mary Vance

Urban Land and Shelter for the Poor.  P McAuslan

Arcadia for All : The Legacy of a Makeshift Landscape (Studies In History, Planning and the Environment).  Dennis Hardy.  Hardcover.  Published 1984.  Our Price: $45.00.  (Special Order)

Between Basti Dwellers and Bureaucrats : Lessons In Squatter Settlement Upgrading In Karachi.  J. W. Schoorl (Editor).  Hardcover.  Published 1983.  Our Price: $39.00.  (Special Order)   /  Paperback.  Published 1983.  Our Price: $17.00.  (Special Order)

Community Participation In Squatter Upgrading In Zambia : The Role of the American Friends Service Committee In the Lusaka Housing Project.  Marja Hoek-Smit

Slums of Hope : Shanty Towns of the Third World.  Lloyd

A House of My Own : Social Organization In the Squatter Settlements of Lima Peru Susan Lobo.  Paperback.   Published 1982.  Our Price: $14.95

Networks and Marginality : Life In a Mexican Shantytown.  Larissa Adler. Lomnitz

Aspirations, Experience, and Needs In Informal Housing : Survey Observations In A Spontaneous Settlement Near Durban.  Valerie MÆller

A Case of Mistaken Identity : The Squatters of Lesotho.   Paul Wellings

The Challenge of Squatter Settlements, With Special Reference To the Cities of Latin America.  Harry Antoniades Anthony

The Crown, the Land and the Squatter, 1835-1840.  

The Illegal Housing Sector In Portugal : Bairros Clandestinos.  Abilio S. Cardoso

Inside Crossroads.  K. Kiewiet

The Management of Squatter Upgrading : A Case Study of Organisation, Procedures, and Participation.  D. Pasteur

People and Housing In Third World Cities : Perspectives On the Problem of Spontaneous Settlements.  D. J. Dwyer

Poor, Harassed But Very Much Alive : An Account of Street People and Their Organisation.  M. F. C. Bourdillon

Profile of the Black Population In A Spontaneous Urban Settlement Near Durban : A Report Facilitating the Statistical Analysis of the Sample Survey Conducted In Malukazi by the Centre for Applied Social Sciences, 1977.  P. Stopforth

Shelter In Informal Settlements.  E. J. Haarhoff

Socioeconomic Characteristics of 16 Squatter Settlements In the Cape Town Area in 1975.  C. E. W. Simkins

South Africa In Transition : Urban and Rural Perspectives On Squatting and Informal Settlement In Environmental Context : A Collection of Papers Delivered At A Conference In Pretoria on 26 June 1992.  

Squatter Crisis.  Graham Howe

The Squatter Problem In the Western Cape : Some Causes and Remedies.  

The Squatters.  Geoffrey Dutton

Squatting.   S. Fawkes

Transitions : A Photographic Documentary of Squatter Settlements.   Edward Popko

Women and Squatters In the Western Cape.  Josette Cole

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