Mathematics 140: Introductory Statistics


Prerequisites: Passing score on the ELM or credit in Math 093




Textbook: "Essential Statistics: Exploring the World Through Data," By Gould, Ryan, and Wong, 2nd ed., Publisher: Pearson


Remark: All homework for this class must be completed and submitted online on the MyStatLab website. In order to have access to MyStatLab website you need to register on the Pearson website and have an Access Code and a Course ID.


1)    Course ID: vakilian07182


2)    Access Code:

a)    If you purchase a brand new soft-cover version of the text, ISBN: 0-13-413440-0, it comes with: An Access Code, eBook, online resources, and tools in MyStatLab.


b)    If you purchase an e-version of the text: MyStatLab Online with eBook, it comes with: An Access Code for MyStatLab, the complete eBook, answers to odd numbered exercises, and other learning aids. Go to:


c)    If you purchase a used copy of the text, you will need to purchase an Access Code separately in order to have access to MyStatLab. You can purchase an Access Code from the Bookstore or the Pearson’s website.


3)  MyStatLab: You need to register on the Pearson website and enroll in my online course in MyStatLab in order to use this website. You can use MyStatLab to complete your homework, review for exams and quizzes, additional resources to learn the material, and perform statistical computations in StatCrunch. The following two guides describe step by step instructions to enroll in my class on MyStatLab: MyStatLab Registration Instructions for Students or MyStatLab Registration Flyer.





Syllabus: Chapters 1 – 10, except Chapter 5 and a few sections from other chapters.





Course Coverage:


·       Data Analysis: Construct and interpret graphical and numerical summaries of data

·       Fundamental Ideas of Statistics: Variability, Distribution, Association, Sampling, Sampling Distributions

·       The Normal Distribution

·       Correlation and Regression

·       Data Production: Randomness in sampling and experiments; Conclusions that can be drawn from studies (cause and effect)

·       Probability Theory: The Central Limit Theorem and Sampling Distributions

·       Statistical Inference: Estimation, Assessing Statistical Significance, Statistical Reasoning  







·       Quizzes: Seven (56%)

·       Supplemental Instruction: (4%)

·       Homework:  assigned and collected daily (three attempts per problem)  (10%)

·       Class Attendance (Extra credit 4%; Penalized 1% for each absence after 1 unexcused absence) 

·       Final Exam:  comprehensive and common exam (no makeup finals; Saturday December 12, 2018, 2:00-4:00) (30%)

·       None of your scores will be dropped



+/- grading system will be used.






·       Videotape resources for math 140

·       Math Lab Tutoring (LO1319)

·       Online resources at MyStatLab website

·       Office hours (mine and SI leaders)






·       To pass this class (letter grade D) your total course score (computed according to the above percentages) must be at least 50.


·       There are absolutely no makeup exams, quizzes, or homework.


·       If you miss a test, quiz, or a due homework because you had an emergency, after providing the appropriate documentation you can makeup the missed assignment.


·       For this class you need a calculator. The text contains instructions for a TI-83+/84 calculator and the math department recommends that you use a TI-83+/84 calculator. You may rent a TI-84 calculator from the bookstore.


·       All exams and quizzes including the final exam will be closed books and closed notes.  You may only use your calculators and the formula sheet. Tests and quizzes are based on the lecture notes, workbook, homework problems, practice problems, and review exercises at the end of each unit.


·       The final exam is a comprehensive common final. You may only use your calculator and the formula sheet.


·       There will be absolutely no makeup final exams. Make sure that you don't have any conflicts with the time and day of the final exam for this class.


·       Students are required to strictly comply with the University Code of Conduct. Any disturbance during lectures or cheating during exams will have severe consequences.


·       During each test, quiz, and the final exam students will be randomly asked to show their picture ID.


·       For the duration of each test, quiz, and the final exam you are required to turn your phone off and leave it directly below your seat where your proctor can see it. In case you need to use the restroom, you can ask your proctor to keep your phone until you are back in the classroom. You are not allowed to leave the room with your phone.




University Policy for Adds and Drops:


Please read the university policy for adds and drops. It is your responsibility to drop a class.