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One of my most favorite past times besides listening to music is to eat!!! I absolutely love to cook and eat delicious foods.  I don't know what it is but i really enjoy it and ironically all of my friends do to.  So, most of the time when me and my friends go out for a night on the town we typically end up at some sort of eatery by the end of the excursion.  In a creative sense i think that food is a product of creativity.  Preparing a dish is just like developing a painting, short story, sculpture or poem.  What food has in common with all of those things and many others is that preparation, thought, and a creative color palate or plate in this case are all needed.  In my ode to food i have decided to dedicate this page to some of my favorite eateries.  All of the restaurants listed on this page are places that i have visited or plan to visit in the near future.  If you would like for me to post some of your favorite restaurants you may e-mail me at:

Cinespace-This swanky Hollywood restaurant takes a different twist on dinner and a movie.  This eatery offers its customers an intimate and enjoyable experience.  The food is delicious and dinner is served in a theatre.  While you eat you can watch a one of many movie classics along with your meal.  Film screenings have shown movies like: Edwards Scissor hands, Something about Mary and Jaws.  When I went for my 22nd birthday me and my friends were shown a screening of the 80s classic E.T.  After the movie screenings Cinespace turns into a hot Hollywood night club.  This establishment is definitely a must see!

The El Coyote Cafe is located on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles.  And i must say that they serve some really good Mexican food.  The prices are affordable and the atmosphere was made for large groups looking to eat great food and drink authentic margaritas.  As a matter of fact singer Jessica Simpson visits this restaurant a a lot...they show her here all the time on her show Newlyweds. When i went there i noticed it gets packed on the weekends, so its smart to make a reservation and get there early so the valet wont get full!!!

Canter's Website

Canter's is located on Fairfax Blvd. and it has been serving the Los Angeles Area for over 70 years.  The food is deli style and it has a very classic ambience.  When you go there you will notice that a lot of the patrons are older and it's easy to assume that these people have been coming to Canter's for years.  The food tastes pretty good but i found some of the items to be a little pricey.  i like the fact that this establishment has been around for so long.  This is a good way to preserve history in the ever changing city of Los Angeles.

HOT WINGS CAFE. If you take the time to visit this website don't let that be the motivation for you to visit this great restaurant.  The web page is very simple but that is in no way a representation of the restaurant.  The food here is great, its delicious, its affordable and yes they serve much more than hot wings!!!  I visit this place on a regular basis and my favorite thing to get is a large order of hot wings will all carrots on the side with a pink lemonade to wash it down.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles-Talk about creative!!!  I mean who would of thought that chicken and waffles would actually go together.  Hey, don knock it til you try it.  Some say that this is one of the most ingenious combinations ever seen on a plate.  Needless to say i am a true fan.  I visit this restaurant on occasion but in the past i used to go there at least once a week.  the prices are affordable and the food is delicious.  the restaurants are usually very small and it is usually referred to as a "hole in wall."  the prices are affordable and the staff are friendly.  this soul food treat has crossed over into other cultures.  So when you go to the eatery you will not only see African Americans but also people of all other races.

The stinking rose-Where their slogan is "we season our garlic with food."  All of the entrees here are made with some serious garlic.  So if you are a garlic lover this restaurant is for you.  When I went i had the garlic encrusted crab, which was absolutely delicious. As a matter of fact I was there for a birthday party and when the waiters came out to sing happy birthday to my friend they brought her the standard scoop of ice we thought.  Little did we know that the ice cream wasn't vanilla it was garlic ice cream!  I wouldn't recommend eating the ice cream but everything else exhibits a creative use of garlic!!!

The Farmers Market-The farmer's market was established in 1937 by farmers who would congregate on Fairfax and 3rd (where the market still stands today) to sell fresh goods. Now, if you ask me i think that this is a very creative way to share your harvest! Today it still stands and is carrying on the tradition of freshness and international food showcase. The market houses several food vendors and it in an outdoor setting.  There are so many places to eat that its hard to choose.  You may have your choice of foods ranging from: fresh Belgian waffles, ice cream and root beer floats, BBQ, candy, Argentinian buffets, Asian food and much more. Highly recommend having a root beer float from Bennet's ice cream and if you're in the mood for something a little more urban you can visit The grove where there is shopping, movie theaters, concerts etc.  I think that this is a very creative way to connect the old with the new.