How to Create an Organizational Chart with Excel
Prepared by Tina Actis-Purtee
Information Technology Resources Nov. 1999


Getting Started
This document is intended to aquaint you with  Excel 97 (or Excel 98 for the mac) capabilities to create an organizational chart.  At the completion of this document you will have an understanding of the tools, functions and capabilities Excel 97 has so you can create an organizational chart.

What Tools Do I Use?
The "Drawing" toolbar in Excel is all you need to create fabulous looking org. charts.

What Do I Do?
  Launch your Excel program.  If you do not see your drawing toolbar, go to the pull down menu at the top. Under "View" is a "toolbar" option, within the toolbar option is an option labeled "drawing".  Make sure this option is checked off or selected.  Your drawing toolbar should appear at the bottom of your screen.

Using the Drawing Toolbar to Create an Organizational Chart
  To draw a simple shape, click on either the square or the oval  icon buttons on the Drawing toolbar and drag from one corner of the area where you want the shape to appear to the diagonally opposite corner.

(The above diagram shows the mouse pointer selecting the object to draw)

(The below diagram shows drawing a box)

  To delete a graphic object, click it to select it, and then press the "delete" key.

Sizing, Moving, and Copying Graphic Objects
  You can change the size, position, and formatting of graphic objects you have created.

 Resizing an Object
1. Select the object and position the mouse pointer over a selection handle.  Note: The
   selection handles appear as little squares around the object, your mouse pointer will
   change to a two sided arrow pointer.
2. Drag to the new size
3. Release the mouse button 

Moving an Object
1. Position the mouse pointer over the object so that it changes to a 4 way arrow
2. Drag to the new position
3. Release the mouse button

 Coping an Object
  Once you have formed the size and shape you want, to copy an object:
  on a Windows machine, hold down the control key as you drag.
  on a MacIntosh machine, hold down the option key as you drag.

Adding Text to your Organizational Chart
First, select the object that you want to place text into.
Next, begin typing your text.

Centering your Text in the Text Box
Once you have typed the text message, use your mouse to highlight the text, then click on the "center" icon on your toolbar.

Bolding your Text in the Text Box
Highlight the text you want to bold, then click on the"bold" icon on you toolbar.

Changing the Text Font and Size of your Text
Highlight the text you want to change, then click on the"font" icon or the "font size" icon on you toolbar and make your selection.
(Changing Font Selection)

(Changing Font Sizes)

Drawing the Lines, Arrows, or Connectors between your Objects
  To draw a simple line, arrow or connector between your objects on your Organizational chart, click the down arrow on the "AutoShapes" button, select "Connectors" and choose the appropriate line, arrow or connector.

  Move your cursor to the graphic object you wish to connect, you will notice that the selection handles turn blue on the active object.  Click on the selection handle on object A and drag to object B.  Release the mouse button.

Aligning your Objects
  Click on the up arrow icon at the left of your drawing toolbar.  Start at the bottom right corner of the objects you wish to align, while holding the mouse button down drag to the upper left corner of the objects.  This action will allow you to select multiple objects at one time.

Once you have selected the objects you wish to align, click the down arrow on the "Draw" button, select "Align and Distribute" and choose the appropriate alignment.

Grouping and Ungrouping Graphic Objects
  You group objects by selecting two or more objects and then clicking the "Draw" icon on your drawing toolbar and clicking on "Group".

  Now you can format the group and move, size, copy, or delete it as if it were a single object.  The "Ungroup" selection under "Draw" will separate the group into individual objects again.

Placing Color or Patterns in your Organizational Chart

Background Color
1. To place a background color within your object, click on the paint bucket icon on your drawing menu and select the color you want from the color choices.

2. To put a texture or pattern with your color choice, click on the paint bucket icon on your drawing menu, select "Fill Effects", choose one of the tabs at the top labeled "Gradient", "Texture", or "Pattern" and make your selection from the choices available.

Text or Connector Colors
  To change the standard text color within your object, click on the icon which looks like a straight up and down capital "A" on your drawing menu then select the color you want from the color choices.


Excel 97 has some great graphic capabilities.  Creating an Organizational Chart is only one of many fun and effective graphic objects that you can use in your daily work and for more effective work presentation.  Look for further Excel Graphic documentation at our web site .