MSE 101 Design Report Format


Your Design report is to be written following the following format:



            This is a short paragraph that tells the reader the topic your paper is going to address.


Description of brainstorming ideas.

            This section of your report should include a detailed description of the various concepts that your group came up with during the brainstorming process. Enough detail should be included so that the reader will understand the basic concepts being presented.


Description of evaluation of brainstorming

            You need to explain the process that your group went through to evaluate the various aspects of each brainstorming idea. This should include a detailed description of the reason(s) that an idea was discarded or kept.


Description of final design evaluation/decision making

            This section of your report should include details on how your final design idea was refined. You need to outline the various steps taken. Explain to the reader the  analysis that your group performed in finalizing your design.


Specification of the final solution

            This should be a detailed explanation of your final design. You need to include specifications on materials to be used, dimensions, specific sub-components that you will buy (i.e. shaft), and a detailed drawing of your design.



This should include supporting documents such as sketches, brainstorming list, calculations, specifications of commercial components in your design.