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MUS 179B/379B/679
Music Department
California State University, Northridge
Dr. Lawrence Stoffel, conductor

TBA, concert master
Alice Park, clerk
Ryan Gonzales, graduate conductor

Contacting the professor:
E-mail: stoffel@csun.edu
Spring Semester
2019 Rehearsals

Tu Th, 1:00–3:40 PM
CY 159
Weekly Rehearsal Schedule
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Fall Performances:


CSUN Wind Ensemle in Rehearsal

Course Description

A select concert band, modeled on Frederick Fennell’s Eastman Wind Ensemble concept, designed for high-level, artistic, public performances of major literature for winds and percussion, accomplished through the development and refinement of high-level ensemble skills. As a member of this Wind Ensemble, you are contributing to the three-hundred year legacy of concert band music in the western world. Sensitivity to outstanding musicianship, historical styles, and appropriate performance practices is required. In addition to the highest expectations as an instrumentalist, your ability to apply intellect and spirit in meaningful ways during rehearsals and concerts is also demanded. Skills developed in the Wind Ensemble transfer to all other ensemble types. Membership in the Wind Ensemble is open to any student who qualifies through audition.

Ultimately, the goal of the course is the pursuit of the timeless TRANSCENDENTALS that have defined being human since Antiquity, as well as being the primary purpose of higher education: The CSUN Wind Ensemble exists for the pursuit of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY through the concert band medium.

Course Materials:
  • The course syllabus is available online here.

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