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Current Resources for Students

On campus, students have a variety of resources available to them to assist them in maintaining and enhancing their academic and personal well-being. Students are encouraged to become familiar with and to take advantage of these resources as they see fit. The offices listed below offer some of the most widely requested and useful services.

EOP Central Office  (818) 677-4151

Admissions and Records  (818) 677-3700

Financial Aid  (818) 677-3700

Oviatt Library  (818) 677-2285

Addie Klotz Student Health Center  (818) 677-3666

University Counseling Services  (818) 677-2366

National Center on Deafness (NCOD)  (818) 677-2611(V/TTY)

Students with Disabilities Resources  (818) 677-2684

CSUN Career Center  (818) 677-2878(V), 677-3066(TTY)

Learning Resource Center  (818) 677-2033

Associated Students  (818) 677-2477