Algerbra Projects and WebQuests

Stock WebQuest
This is a project designed for 5th grade through 10th grade students. This project is a competition between classmates using real stock market data from the New York Stock Exchange.

Exponential Population Growth
The Goal of this webquest is to introduce students to exponential growth in mathematics by using the powerful real-life example of world population. It is designed for pre-algebra students in 9th and 10th grade.

Quadratic Function
In this WebQuest, you will use a variety of resources to investigate the various methods of solving quadratic equations, which include factoring, substitution, elimination, completing the square, graphing, and using the quadratic formula, examine the characteristics of the graph of a parabola and determine how these characteristics relate to the quadratic equation, discover various real world applications, and develop some guidelines for determining the most efficient
method to use to solve the problems posed in these applications.

March Madness
In this WebQuest, you will look at many different areas of math found in the NCAA basketball tournament. You will use the NCAA bracket to look at all the teams participating in the tournament. The world of math will come alive as you find fractions, decimals, and percents; probability statistics; make predictions; and look for patterns. By the end of this WebQuest, you will be able to relate a variety o fmath facts to NCAA tournament and explain the importance of Mathematics in basketball.

Graphs WebQuest
In this WebQuest, you will have a chance to search out several different types of graphs and also create your own graphs using real data from the Internet.

Analyzing Blood Pressure with Scatter Plots (Best-fitting Line)
In this WebQuest activity, student will research information about blood pressure.  They will use that information to compare samples of students’ and teachers’ blood pressures.  They will use Excel and the TI-83 plus calculator to construct scatter plots and determine a best-fitting line to represent the data. 

Let’s Explore a Mathematician
This is a Math History WebQuest.

Weather WebQuest Using MS Excel
This WebQuest will help students to build an understanding of weather and climates by using Excell.

History of Algebra
In this web-quest your group will go on a journey through time and the history of mathematics to discover the answers to these questions.

Where Can We Go With This?

Vector WebQuest

Collections of Algebra WebQuests

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra WebQuest
This website contains a collection of website organized by topics.

Indiana University Teacher Education
Examples from Lee Ehman's undergraduate teacher preparation course.

New Mexico State University
Exemplary WebQuests designed by students in the Learning Technologies Program at New Mexico State University and by teachers and faculty at NMSU involved in an NSF funded project called Digital Desert Library. Most were created by classroom teachers and have been tested by their students. Some of the WebQuests are available in Spanish.

University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Student Projects from Neal Strudler's classes.