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Hapa Issues Forum (HIF) was founded in 1992 at UC Berkeley to create a voice and space for mixed race Japanese Americans. As a student group, HIF developed a strong relationship with the Japanese American community through education and outreach programs focused on the inclusion of mixed race Japanese Americans in the greater Japanese American community.
Shortly after incorporating as a nonprofit organization in 1993, HIF broadened its scope by shifting to a pan-Asian mixed race focus in 1994. The organization continued its expansion with the founding of the Southern California (later to become Los Angeles) chapter in 1997, followed by UC Irvine (1999), San Francisco (1999), Stanford University (2000), UC San Diego (2001) and UC Los Angeles (2001).

As chapters provided local campus and community programs, HIF’s national programs grew to include an annual conference, diversity trainings to Asian American community organizations, advocacy for multiracial people, and a speaker’s bureau on multiracial Asian American issues. Through these programs, HIF has helped to educate Asian American communities on the multiracial Asian American experience, provided opportunities for leadership development and personal growth, and successfully advocated for official recognition of multiracial people by the federal government.

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The Future of HIF?

Starting in late 2004, the Board and Staff of HIF began an assessment and planning process for the future. This was sparked by internal changes within HIF as well as external. One of our main goals was to figure out, is what we do still relevant? Is there still a need? And if so, how will we as an organization meet those goals.

As a result, we developed and adopted a strategic plan last October 2004, the culmination of almost a year of intensive work by staff, board members, and volunteers. During that period, we worked closely with consultants, held numerous board and staff meetings and retreats, and poured over organizational program, evaluation, and assessment data from the last five years.

In considering our strengths and drawing from our experience, we have decided to focus on three areas of organizational competence: advocacy, education, and research. As part of our advocacy efforts we will engage in community organizing, but we will no longer focus on social-oriented or chapter-based programs. In moving from a direct-service model, we see our greatest strength and opportunity in focusing on the creation of specialized educational programs, the shaping of public policy, and the fostering of innovative and topical research on multiracial Asian Americans.

That is the what and why of HIF but the form still remains to be determined. If you are interested in shaping these future initiatives, please contact us and keep checking back here for updates as we forward with our mission of enriching the lives of multiracial Asian Americans and fostering a world based on acceptance, inclusion and a commitment to community-building

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