Welcome to the Faculty Web Page Generator!


By using the Faculty Web Page Generator, you may quickly create a faculty web page that includes information about yourself, the courses you teach and announcements. You can use this web site as a starting point, or home-page, to direct students to your course syllabus or Moodle page.

For an example of a faculty web page created by this generator please refer to the Joe Matador example page.

We recommend you work in Firefox, especially if you would like to save the form with your information. You can save time by not having to re-enter the same information when you save and reuse your form.

Since the steps for generating your page differs depending on the browser you will use, please be sure to follow the directions specific to that browser. Example: Select Safari and follow steps for Safari.

Please choose the browser you are working in:

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There are four steps to this process. Start with Step One to begin making your web page.

Show Step One: Setup Your Webdrive

Hide Step Two: Fill in the Form

You will be generating a web page with this form. We recommend you use Firefox to complete the form. We tried to streamline this process as much as possible. At any point you have trouble, contact us. We value your feedback.

If left blank, assumed by appointment only
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Describe your web page
Add your own Custom Headers and Content.
A maximum number of 5 custom headers can be added to your profile web page.
Custom Header 1 and Contents

Add your Course Name and Number.
Paste your course web address (the URL) in the box provided to link it to the course name.
A maximum number of 25 courses can be added to your profile web page.

Add your links for the top of the web page. Paste the web address (the URL) in the box provided. A maximum of 25 links can be added to the top of your web page.

Paste the URL to your CV here. The CV must be placed in your webdrive or stored on the web.
Paste the URL to your profile picture here

Show Step Three: Save the Form

Hide Step Four: Publish Your Web Page

To save your profile for others to view publicly, follow the directions for the browser you are using. Once you have saved your profile, go to the URL of your file in your webdrive. http://www.csun.edu/~username/filename.htm in a web browser to view it. Read the directions in this step before generating your web page because the directions to save your web page are on not shown on the generated page.


  1. Select the <Generate Your Web Page> button
  2. Go to the <File> menu
  3. Select <Save Page As>...
  4. Select your webdrive
  5. Select the public_html folder
  6. This generator has automatically titled your page with your name, therefore, we recommend you save the file naming it with your name. Put the name in the <File name> textbox.
  7. Select <Web Page, complete> in the <Save as type> drop down menu
  8. Select the <Save> button

Need Assistance?

Go to your personal webdrive  which would be http://www.csun.edu/~username. Once there, select the URL of your file you just created ie. http://www.csun.edu/~username/filename.htm.