CSUN/EAFB Software Defined Radio (SDR) Senior Project

Project Related Presentations

Instructional Materials


Senior Design and Graduate Projects Using Software Defined Radio

Introduction to Communications Systems

Introduction to Amplitude Modulation (AM)

I and Q Components in Communications Signals and Single Sideband



Instructions for using the USRP with MATLAB/Simulink

Installing Ubuntu 9.04

Installing GNU Radio

GNU Radio Companion - Tutorial 1

GNU Radio Companion - Tutorial 2

GRC - Tutorial 3. Amplitude Modulation

GRC - Tutorial 4. Using Complex Signals and Receiving SSB

Simple User's Manual for GNU Radio

USRP Assembly

Creating and Running Python Scripts

Capturing Signals in GNU Radio

Moving MATLAB Data to GNU Radio

Using the UHD USRP2 Blocks in Simulink

Using Frame Based Processing in Simulink

Generating a Dial Tone - A Simple Example of Using GNU Radio

Narrowband FM Receiver

AM Broadcast Receiver

Receiving AM Signals (no USRP required)

Receiving SSB Signals (no USRP required)

WebSDR - University of Twente


GNU Radio/USRP Links
Fall 2008 Exercises

Online Tutorials

GNU Radio Web Page

GNU Software Radio

Ettus Research (USRP)

USRP Information

GNU Radio Companion

GNU Radio Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Home Page

Exercise 1: Receiving AM Signals from Data Files
Files needed:

Exercise 2: Using the Link Equation and GNU Radio Filters
Files needed:
MATLAB Utilities

Exercise 3: Demodulating AM and SSB Signals
Files needed:

Exercise 4: Creating a GUI Interface with GNU Radio
Files Needed:

SDR Tutorials - University of Notre Dame

Python Tutorial

CIC Filters

Understanding CIC Filters

Digital Filters


Articles/Web Pages
Amateur Radio Related SDR Links
SDR Related Conferences

Exploring GNU Radio

Hardware for Your Software Radio

Listening to FM Radio in Software, Step by Step

DSP Using the GNU Radio Toolkit

KD7LMO's GNU Radio Page

ARRL: Software Defined Radio


High Performance Software Defined Radio (hpsdr)

Flex Radio Systems

First Report of the Software Defined Radio Working Group

DSP-10 Project


SDR Forum

2nd IEEE International Workshop on Cognitive Radio Networks

TAPR Digital Communications Conference