Receiving SSB Signals (no USRP required)

A number of signal captures are available at . These are useful for developing software to demodulate signals when a USRP is unavailable. The following files from this page contain SSB signals:

LSB Transmission (50.353 MHz)
USB Transmission (around 50.3 MHz)

The Python script for a SSB receiver, implemented with GNU Radio is also found on KD7LMO's web page. A copy of this file with minor modifications and comments is found here. The program is run using the following:

./ carrierfrequency W/2 sideband(l or u)

Where filename is the file containing the signal to be demodulated and carrierfrequency is the frequency offset from 50.3 MHz. For example, in order to receive the LSB signal in the first data file above, the following command is used:

./ 53000 1500 l

A description of the receiver and examples of the signals captured are shown in the attached file .