Timeline of Anglo-Saxon England

449 Hengest and Horsa supposedly arrive in Britain
540 The British writer Gildas laments the subjugation of the Britons by the Anglo-Saxons
597 St Augustine arrives to convert the English
664 Synod of Whitby (the Anglo-Saxon Church agrees to follow Roman practices)
c. 700 Lindisfarne Gospels written and decorated
731 Bede completes his Ecclesiastical History
793 Vikings attack Lindisfarne
871-899 Alfred the Great king of Wessex
878 Alfred defeats the Viking army and the Vikings settle Eastern and northern England (the Danelaw)
957-75 England united under Edgar
c. 959-1010 Benedictine Reform
1016 Cnut, king of Denmark becomes king of England
1042-1066 Edward the Confessor is the last Anglo-Saxon king; Battle of Hastings

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Last Update: 23 January, 2003