Chapter 9 Vocabulary


Note: Learn these words in addition to memorizing the irregular verbs.



ceastre: city, walled town (accusative case)

Cerdice: proper name Cerdic; (dative case)

duru: door (accusative case)

mægas: kinsmen (plural of mæg); (nominative case)

ryhtfæderencyn: direct paternal ancestry (nominative case)

seledreamas: hall-joys (plural of seledream) (nominative case)

unwritere: bad scribe (nominative case)

wrecca: exile (nominative case)

yfel: evil, harm (accusative case)


on: in, into

mid: with

to: to

Demonstrative Pronouns

se: the (masculine, singular, nominative)

þa: that, the (feminine, singular, accusative)


hwær: where

hwi: why

swa: so

þa: then

ut: out

These sentences for translation can also be accessed through King Alfred.

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