Chapter 16 Vocabulary




Ælfrede: Alfred

Andree: Andrew

apostoles: apostol

are: honor

aþas: oaths

biscop: bishop

cyning: king

cyricean: church

Eastengle: East Anglians

Finnas: Lapps

geare: year

Godes: God

leasunga: false witness

men: men

morum: moors

Norþhymbre: Northumbrians

Paulinus: Paulinus

reliquium: relic

Scæ: Saint

þincg: thing

þegenas: thanes

Westsæ: West Sea

word: word


bodade proclaimed (weak, 1st conjugation)

bude dwelled (irregular verb; infinitive buan)

cwæð said (weak, 3rd conjuagtion)

demen would judge (weak, 1st conjugation)

eardiaþ dwell (weak, 2nd conjugation)

(ge)earniaþ deserve (weak, 2nd conjugation)

efston hastened (weak, 1st conjugation)

elde hesitated (weak, 1st conjugation)

hæfdon had (weak, 3rd conjugation)

hæfst have (weak, 3rd conjugation)

(ge)halgad kept holy (weak, 2nd conjugation)

lærde taught (weak, 1st conjugation)

(ge)lyfanne believe (weak, first conjugation)

nele does not wish (negative of willan)

oscuna avoid (weak, 2nd conjugation)

recce am interested in (weak, 1st conjugation)

(ge)seald given (weak, 1st conjugation)

syle give (weak, 1st conjugation)

(ge)timbrade would build (weak, 1st conjugation)

wendon went (weak, 1st conjugation)

(ge)yrsian to be angry (weak, 2nd conjugation)



a: always

forþ: forth

georne: eagerly

micclum: much

nu: now

swa: as

þa: then

ða gyt: still (adverbial phrase, literally "then yet")



ænig: any

halgan: holy

unearge: brave

wlance: proud


and: conj; and

gif: conj; if

ond: conj; and


of: prep; from

on: prep; on


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