Chapter 15 Vocabulary



abbudyss abbess (strong, feminine)

byrne byrnie, coat of mail (weak, feminine)

gar spear (strong, masculine)

guma man, hero (weak, masculine)

guðsearo war-gear (strong, neuter)

gyfe gift (strong, feminine)

mann, monn man (minor, masculine)

morfæsten fastness in the moors, swamp (strong, neuter)

sæmann seaman, seafarer (minor, masculine)

searo war-gear (strong, neuter)

sumor summer (minor, masculine)

suðrima south-coast (weak, masculine)

sweg sound, music (strong, masculine)

werod troop (strong, neuter)

wudu wood, forest (minor, masculine)


clyppan embrace, love (infinitive)

forwearð perished (past tense 3rd person singular of forweorðan)

hearpian to harp (infinitive)

hringdon rang (past tense 3rd person plural of hringan)

lufian love, praise (infinitive)

meahte was able (past tense 3rd person singular of magan)

stodon stood (past tense 3rd person plural of standan)

styredon stirred, moved (past tense 3rd person plural of styrian)

wagode waved, shook (past tense 3rd person singular of wagian)


ætgædere together


eal all

ilca same (masculine; feminine and neuter form is ilce)

lytle little, small


be by, on, along


ðæt so that

New Forms of Pronouns

hi themselves


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