Healthcare Services

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Services include: annual exams including pap smears, instruction for breast self-exams, testicular self-exams, birth control options, and testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Birth Control Information Sessions

Attendance at a birth control information session is strongly recommended before a student receives their first prescription for contraception at the Klotz Student Health Center. Individual and group information sessions are available. Partners are encouraged to attend. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are available on an appointment or walk-in basis. You may request a shorter session if you would like to learn about or compare one or two methods.

Students seeking birth control may be interested in learning more about free family planning services available at the health center through the Family PACT Program. If interested, be sure to meet with the health center Family PACT representative before your next appointment so that you can take advantage of these free services. Be sure to ask about Family PACT eligibility when you call to schedule your appointment. You can schedule your birth control information session online or by calling (818) 677-3666.

Emergency Contraception

Students requesting emergency contraception should walk in to the health center on an urgent-care basis or call (818) 677-3666 for more information. To find other emergency contraception providers or for additional information about emergency contraception, visit Emergency contraception is covered under the Family PACT program.

HIV Testing

Confidential HIV testing is available at the Klotz Student Health Center. HIV blood tests are available on a daily basis by appointment with a health center clinician. HIV testing using the OraQuick rapid test is available through the RATE (Risk Assessment, Testing, and Education) Clinic once a month. RATE clinic appointments can be made online. Note: RATE appointments are with a State Certified HIV Test Counselor, not a physician, nurse practitioner or nurse. The appointment does not include tests other than HIV. Results are provided during the appointment.

Men's and Women's Health Specialists

Our specialists are available to address specific needs of men and women.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Our health educator provides information about your options regarding pregnancy.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing and Treatment

Testing and treatment are available by appointment with a health center clinician.

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